Turn lights on, off using remote control

by:IPON LED     2020-06-03
There is a decorative light in our TV room.It\'s a hand-Painted statue on the 16 thCentury acrobatsIt is colorful and sits on a high floor speaker in a corner between the entertainment center and the wall.This lamp is unusual, so it is a talk lamp.This is the good part.It\'s not good to turn it on and off.The light switch is on the wire, not the light itself.It was awkward to get the switch because we covered the wire on the back of the Speaker to keep it hidden.The area around the lights is crowded.-TV cabinets, speakers and lights are all crowded in the corner.That\'s why the switch is a big pain.We have found a solution to the problem and we think you will find it interesting.Recently, a company that produces unusual electrical products contacted us about their products.Among other things, the company filed a motion.Start the light switch.We checked their products.There are many switches.When we rummaged the cabinet, we noticed a box that looked like a wall container.It is packed in a plastic container with a device next to it that looks like a garagedoor opener --Gray with white buttons.We realize that this is another form of electronic switch.This is not a motion, howeveractivated.It was button-activated --remote button-activated.Wow!What a great discovery-The adapter for the wall plug can be turned on and off remotely.Two in a few hours.A piece of device was in our house, plugged into the socket, connected to the socket with our display light with inconvenient switch control.All we have to do is plug the adapter into the socket and plug the light line into the adapter.The switch on the lamp line is turned to the \"on\" position, and the remote control has done all the work since then.How nice it is to have a light and a remote control for other small appliances.By December, it was time to set up a tree.Just that year, we got help with a device that we didn\'t know existed before.How exciting it is to arrange the lights on the trees, plug them into our adapter, turn off and turn on the tree lights with the remote control.When Christmas comes, we are very familiar with their other products.We learned that they also offer a similar unit for outdoor use.Want to turn on and off your decorative room lights when switching light--No front door open?This is not all.Do you have any hope that a fixture in your home can be controlled from more than one location?You know, like from threeSwitching System?This is possible without any lines.You can now buy devices that look exactly the same as wall switches.They can control lights, ceiling lights, wall lights remotely.-Almost any kind of electric fixture-Depart from up to 10 locations.It\'s not that people may want to control the fixtures from so many places, but it\'s possible ---No wiring.Remote-Using a radio control switchWave technology that turns the home power on or off to a specific device.When we found out how cheap these devices are, we couldn\'t believe them ---a mere $12.
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