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What is DALI dimming driver

What is DALI dimming driver


What is DALI ?

To understand DALI dimming driver, we must first know what DALI is. DALI is the acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface", which translates as "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface". It is an internationally public lighting control communication protocol that specifies the digital communication control method among electronic ballasts, control units and various sensors. In other words, DALI is a protocol dedicated to lighting control. The currently established DALI Association covers nearly 120 companies in the lighting industry. IPON is one of the members of the DALI Association. Due to the increasing demand for energy conservation, the awareness of emerging LED solutions and lighting control systems, DALI has become more important than before. DALI dimming systems and DALI dimming driver supplies will become the trend of dimming.

Through the above, I believe that I have a certain understanding of dali switch. 

What about DALI dimming system and DALI dimming driver?

The dali drivers system is basically composed of main control, sub-control, and bus power. The characteristics of the dali dimmable driver system are: using a master-slave architecture, a master can mount up to 64 slaves; the dali master controller controls the slaves through the DALI bus and communicates according to the DALI protocol; each slave can be individually addressed; each slave The machine can store 16 lighting scenes; the same slave machine can be grouped in one or more groups, and the maximum group number is 16. From this point of view, is the dali dimmer module very powerful? It seems to be a complex and powerful dali dimmer control, but there are no special requirements for wiring and installation wires, and no polarity requirements during installation. Only the main power line and the control line are required to be isolated, and the control line does not need to be shielded.

After understanding the DALI system, it is easy to learn more about the DALI dimming driver. Dali dimming power supply is a part of constructing dali power supply system. 

The components of the dali drivers are: 

dali master controller main control, DALI BUS power supply, DALI group control panel, DALI scene control panel, DALI dimming driver. As a member of the dali association, IPON has ten years of experience in LED dimming and dali dimmer control, and can provide customers with a full range of solutions and component products. For example, the DALI main control currently on sale by IPON includes IP100-DALI, DALI glass main control panel: IP5-DALI, DALI bus power: IP103-DALI, and a wide range of constant voltage and constant current decoders and DALI dimming driver series products . DALI dimming driver products cover constant voltage, constant current, and constant power products with a complete range.

IPON DALI dimming driver can be divided into DALI constant voltage and constant current drivers. It integrates dimmer and driver. It follows the DALI standard protocol IEC62386. Dali dimming driver supports TouchDIM, which can be manually dimmed, and supports multiple circuit protections. Smooth light without jitter, 0-100% brightness adjustment, the efficiency of DALI dimming driver series products is as high as 90%, realizing green energy saving! Hundreds of five-star hotels have chosen IPON DALI dimming driver.

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