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The lights are flickering ? Choose a suitable dimming power supply from the perspective of the light source

The lights are flickering ? Choose a suitable dimming power supply from the perspective of the light source


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Have you ever had this experience ?
When the switch is pressed, the light is "blind",
Bought the so-called "eye protection lamp",
Instead, the more you use your eyes, the more tired you get.
What is the reason?
It’s worthy of our attention
Stroboscopic is one of the standards to measure the quality of the light source, but it is often ignored by people.
Although most stroboscopic light cannot be detected by the human eye, light source stroboscopic light can cause
the illusion of slow vision or static, which can easily cause accidents. Not only that, light source flickering is closely
related to neurological diseases such as migraine, headache, autism, visual fatigue and discomfort.

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Q : What is strobe?
A : Before explaining what strobe is, let's take a look at the explanation given by Baidu Baike:

As the name suggests, stroboscopic refers to the continuous fluctuation of light during the switching cycle. It is a
kind of flicker that occurs due to frequency. Stroboscopic is the rapid and repetitive flashing of the light source over
time. To put it in the vernacular, it means that the lights are pulsating and unstable. This phenomenon is called stroboscopic.

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Stroboscopic simulation

Q : Why is there strobe?
A : Almost all types of lights are easy to flicker, including incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and even LED bulbs.
But the effect of each light is different. For example, in incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, the filament
temperature reacts slowly to changes in current, so you won't notice the effect of flickering. For the current changes,
the LED responds almost immediately, so the flickering will be more noticeable.
Compared with LED lighting products, dimming is an essential function, and dimming is precisely a cause of
stroboscopic flicker. When the product is loaded with dimming function, the strobe will often be further aggravated.
Especially when the dimming is dark, the fluctuation depth is relatively large. For lighting products that have a
dimming function or claim to be connected to a dimming controller, their stroboscopic performance should be
measured when the dimming is the brightest and the dimming is dark.
Q : What are the hazards of strobe ?
A : In addition to the annoying stroboscopic light produced by lighting, the flickering light can also cause some
serious diseases, such as headaches, visual disturbances, or, in extreme cases, epileptic seizures. We especially need
to pay attention to the impact of stroboscopic on vision. Children who have visual development in the family can
cause eye problems such as myopia and amblyopia.
Q : How to detect strobe?
A : The easiest way is to use the mobile phone camera function to detect:
Step 1: Take out the phone and turn on the camera mode;
The second step: aim at the shining part of the light;
The third step: Check whether there is a deletion in the screen of the lens, if there is a deletion, it means that there is a strobe.

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Use mobile phone camera to detect strobe: useful, but unscientific! Let's take a look at how the IPON dimming
power supply has passed the rigorous test of the market?
As a domestic LED dimming power supply and control system supplier and a service provider of smart lighting
solutions, IPON has always been very concerned about the stroboscopic problem of the driving power supply when
it is fully loaded and dimming. The following are the actual measurement results of 100%, 50%, and 10% of
illuminance measured by a stroboscope using an IPON power supply :

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news-IPON LED-The lights are flickering Choose a suitable dimming power supply from the perspective-2

news-IPON LED-img-2

news-The lights are flickering Choose a suitable dimming power supply from the perspective of the l-2

In conclusion
When the light is not dimmed, the strobe is almost zero. When dimming, the power supply adopts 2K Hz
high-frequency modulation, and the data falls in the unaffected area, which can be called "no flicker". There was no
flicker visually at the scene.
According to the technical mechanism of stroboscopic, in actual lighting applications, there are not only power
supply factors, but also electric light source technical performance factors and unreasonable lighting design factors.
Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable dimming power supply manufacturer. IPON has focused on dimming for 23 years and is trustworthy!

news-IPON LED-The lights are flickering Choose a suitable dimming power supply from the perspective-3

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