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Difference between OLED and LED

Difference between OLED and LED


Difference between OLED and LED 

What is the material : Organic semiconductor material

Applications : Commercially available :

-  up to 50 lm/W

-  40 ×40 cm


What I am talking about here is about 40cm to 50cm, or 60cm for commercial use. This will become better in the future, but I am talking about the current situation, and this shape is great


We will not talk about OLED for general office lighting, but this shape is very beautiful, so OLED is a very important light source. This is another very many possibilities

OLED is not suitable for functional lighting, such as office lighting, factory lighting

Some people will say no, they will make the entire office and factory roof into OLED

Or you can apply it outdoors

First, if you do,then the glowing smallpox will cause very serious glare

You can figure it out, that's why you shouldn't do it

Secondly, you will have the condition of daylight,I don't like the condition of daylight. Light comes from all directions. When it is cloudy and cloudy,

Do you like such a day? I don't like cloudy and cloudy weather. I like sunny skies with some very small clouds, so there is plenty of sunlight(dali dimming system&dimmable drivers), there will be shadows,but cloudy days are not particularly attractive, so if you want to do A luminous ceiling, you want to have a completely scattered light, instead of strong light coming from one direction, you will have a trouble, people will not like it, their faces will shine a lot of shadows, However, I believe that OLED has many other good application opportunities, although it cannot be done now, and I believe that OLED It can be used for very artistic and styling lamps. Let 's talk about the characteristics of OLED first. The efficiency of OLED for commercial use can reach 50lm / W, so the efficiency of OLED is lower than ordinary LED 100lm / W. As for the size of the OLED, I have to be careful again because the OLED can be relatively large. What I am talking about here is that the size for commercial use is about 40 cm to 50 cm. , Or 60 cm, this will become better in the future, you can search online, you can see very beautiful and spectacular OLED modeling lights, but we should believe that we will not talk about OLED for general office lighting, but this The shape is very beautiful, so OLED is a very important light source


So the optical accessories must be done well. As you can see, the two are different. This means that as lighting professionals, we need to learn about natural light.and we often limit design scenes with artificial lighting to night. We need to do natural light calculations. I feel that people who understand natural light are in The lighting industry is a very special and isolated group of people. We should strengthen communication and learn from each other.

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