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What are the special requirements for lamps or light sources using DALI system

What are the special requirements for lamps or light sources using DALI system


We say that the DALI system(dali controller&dali dimmer control) gives new connotations to the lamps. Each lamp can have an independent address. Therefore, the lamps are upgraded from ordinary lamps to "smart lamps". The "smart lamps" do not change the light source and the lamp itself, but it does not change the ballast. The electronic transformers and electronic transformers must be products that meet the DALI standard. DALI ballasts and transformers are digital and independent, and the address of the lamp is reflected by them.

In addition to ballasts and transformers, other components (such as sensors) in the DALI system(dali dimmer switch&dali power supply) must also comply with the DALI standard, thus forming a complete DALI lighting control system.

What are the requirements for the length of the DALI system control line

The line length should meet the voltage drop requirements. The maximum voltage drop in the DALI system is 2V. Correspondingly, the distance between the two farthest components in the dali switch system is 300m. For the end dali dimmer control system, the length of 300m is sufficient, and users can use it with confidence.

According to the DALI standard, each pin of the ballast has a specified value. Normally, when there is no data communication, the common control line in the DALI system is 16V, and the voltage is supplied by the DALI internal power supply(dali power supply).

How many power supplies can the DALI system carry

A standard DALI system can carry up to 64 independent address power supplies. The maximum current provided by the DALI system is 250MA, which is a limitation of the DALI system.

Up to 64 digital ballasts are connected to the DALI line, regardless of the system node and dali power supply current limitations.

If a control element conforming to the DALI protocol is used, the size of the system must meet 64 points or a total current of 250mA. When the system includes both LED dali power supply and dali control panel components, it should be ensured that the system meets these restrictions. If a DALI system has more than 64 points or the system current is greater than 250 Ma, the signal will be attenuated, distorted, and cause system errors. Some components may not be able to communicate and the system will run unstable.

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