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The Firestation fitness club makes full use of the RGB and RGBW control lighting

The Firestation fitness club makes full use of the RGB and RGBW control lighting


Gym from Malaysia (Fire Station) Gym is a gym designed with HIIT (Short-Term High-Intensity Intermittent Training) method as the core design course.

This gym makes good use of the concept of HIIT. They made this set unfamiliar in Malaysia, but added their own characteristics to the real and effective exercise method, so they found a blue ocean market in the local fitness market. Firestation's company hopes to build itself into a gym that is most worth taking photos and sharing photos. This is in line with modern social marketing trends.

Our common traditional gym lighting mode is fixed, the brightness and color temperature are not adjustable, and the lighting design cannot really achieve human physical and psychological comfort. The Firestation fitness club makes full use of the wireless control kit to take advantage of the ability to change colors at will, with high-quality light sources and adjustable scenes, which can create a harmonious light environment for the space to the greatest extent.

Through the transmission of RF signals, it integrates dimming, color temperature and RGB and RGBW control. It meets the basic lighting of the fitness club and combines the design of each functional area of the gym to perform PWM digital dimming, so that the lamps have lighting and guidance. Function, and achieve the effect of stepless dimming

In addition, the LED controller in the wireless control package is only 1/3 the size of the conventional controller. It does not need to affect the indoor hard installation, and can be easily hidden in the lamp without changing the original environment. This makes the project installation more convenient and the display more convenient. wonderful.

Equipment area: both fortitude and gentleness

The equipment is divided into aerobic and anaerobic zones. Considering safety, the light should be bright and less shadowy, and the space should be filled with a layered sense. The different colors of light are regularly switched, and the use of lights encourages the bodybuilder to devote himself to fitness.

The wireless signal has strong penetrating ability, and the remote control distance is long.

Bicycle Room: Passion on Lights

In the design of the dynamic bicycle space, the wireless control package is used to adjust the lighting to match the intense music, and the lighting effect is used to drive the passionate atmosphere of the bicycle space.

Different activities, different scenarios, always satisfy you.

Preset light color, switch lighting scene with one click.

The right light can promote exercise. Bright and dark, warm and cold, changeable and varied, with different exercise methods, make the body and the environment into a harmonious whole. And IPON has always been committed to making lights with soul, and every gym using IPON products is a wise choice. IPON hopes to achieve spiritual communication with athletes through lights and become the most comfortable invisible companion when they exercise.


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