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Summary of common questions and answers in the dimming process

Summary of common questions and answers in the dimming process



DALI Series

  Q1: What is the maximum transmission distance of DALI?

  A: The maximum transmission distance of DALI is 300 meters.

  Q2: How much current does DALI drive each product signal?

  A: The current consumption of our DALI product signal is generally about 2mA.

  Q3: The driver brightness in the DALI system is preset to 50%. Put it in another DALI system. Is the driver output brightness still 50%?

  A: Our DALI power supply has memory function only in TouchDim mode. In DALI system, the power will enter the power on level mode as soon as the power is turned on, that is, the brightness depends on the value of power on level set in the software.

   Q4: The DALI driver connected to the controller appears dimly bright when the light is turned off, and the light does not turn off.

  A: Most of the cases are caused by insufficient creepage distance or insulation level of the lamp design, which can be solved after the lamp shell is grounded.

   Q5: What is the output signal current of DALI-100? How many drivers can be connected later?

  A: The signal output current of IP100-DALI is about 20mA. Generally, it is recommended to connect 5 to 6 drivers at most. If many drivers are connected, the bus power supply IP130-DALI must be added.


  DMX Series

  Q1: What is the longest transmission distance of DMX? What is the longest distance between the master and the first decoder in meters? What is the longest distance between the decoder and the decoder in meters?

A: The ideal transmission distance of DMX is 200 meters, but in actual use, because the DMX signal is greatly interfered by other external signals, in order to ensure the stable transmission of the signal, a signal amplifier should generally be added at about 40 to 50 meters. More than 32 decoders also need to add a signal amplifier.

  Q2: How many decoders can be connected to IP3-DMX?

  A: DMX512 dimming can output up to 512 channels, if the connected decoder is 3 channels, then 170 can be connected, if the connected decoder is 4 channels, then 128 can be connected. IP3-DMX has two output channels, so the RGB decoder can be connected to a maximum of 340, and the RGBW can be connected to a maximum of 256. Generally, full load is not recommended.

   Q3: IP150M-3W24V-0 can combine 3 channels to connect to a 150W monochrome lamp?

  A: The 3 channels can be combined and used, and neither hardware nor software is used for modification.

  Q4: Can IP3-DMX realize mobile phone and remote control?

  A: Yes, but you need to add dry contact equipment (our company is IPR0420) and IPG-IP equipment. At this time, it only plays the role of calling the scene.


  0/1-10V series

  0-1/10V Series

  Q1: What is the current consumption of each product signal when driving 0-10V? What is the longest distance from the master to the first driver?

  A: The current consumption of our 0-10V product signal is generally about 0.25mA; the longest distance from the main control to the drive depends on the wire diameter, and it is generally recommended to be within 100 meters.

   Q2: If passive dimming is used for the 0-10V dimming drive, what is the signal current at the drive input?

  A: Our company's 0-10V dimming supports three-in-one dimming (active, passive, PWM). If passive dimming is used, the actual test value of the drive input current is 0.18mA.

   Q3: What is the transmission distance of 0-10V signal?

  A: It is related to the wire diameter, material, power signal current and power supply quantity of the signal line; if 1.5m㎡ copper wire is connected to an Ouches power supply, the transmission distance is 500 meters, and the voltage drop does not exceed 0.1V

  Q4: Walldim202 is a two-channel output. If the two channels are used together, it can output 100mA?

  A: The two channels are independent, and can't work together. It is recommended to use other products.


   SCR series

  Phase-Cut Series

  Q1: What percentage of the minimum can the SCR driver be adjusted?

  A: How much the minimum can be adjusted depends on the minimum output voltage of the main control. Our thyristor driver has a minimum lighting voltage of about 20V, and the minimum is 5% in general. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the minimum can be as low as 1%.

  Q2: Will there be sound when the SCR driver is working?

  A: The power supply will have a little sound when it is working, which depends on the transformer on the product. The sound of our dimming power supply is very small when it is working.


  IP-BUS series

   Q1: Can the IP-BUS system achieve 0-10V, SCR, and relay switches at the same time?

  A: Yes, we all have corresponding modules that can be connected to the IP-BUS system.

  Q2: How many drivers can each 0-10V output of IPR0420 be connected?

  A: Our IPR0420 outputs 20mA per channel, and the current consumption of the 0-10V product signal is generally about 0.25mA. The products of other companies depend on the signal current consumed by their individual drives.

  Q3: How are the addresses allocated for the IP-BUS dimming module in DALI mode and DMX mode?

  A: In DALI mode, the address is allocated randomly, and in DMX mode, the address can be manually allocated.

  Q4: How does the IP-BUS system realize remote, mobile APP control, and PC monitoring?

  A: It can be achieved by adding IPG-IP to the IP-BUS system .

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