DIALux evo

Software practice video tutorial

DIALux evo is a completely free lighting design software developed by DIAL, Germany. For indoor, outdoor and road lighting, DIAL evo USES the lighting distribution of real lamps for lighting planning and calculation, and provides 3D visualization, calcula

1. DIALux evo basics

1. Simple interior planning
2.White balance in digital photography
3. Import drawings and build buildings
4. Add doors and Windows
5. Place the roof and beams
6. Ceiling ceiling and lamp slot
7. Create outdoor elements
8. Build more buildings
9. Duplicate floors

2. DIALux evo simulation indoor and outdoor lighting layout

1. Place furniture
2. Architectural opening: cut fragments
3. Import model, Boolean operation and extrude
4. Texture
5. Lighting methods and standards commonly used in office and school
6. Place lamps and lanterns in straight rows
7. Rotating parts and rectangular arrangement of lamps
8. Aim and circle the spotlights
9. Set illumination standard and arrange lamps according to the standard
10. Calculation and false color chart
11. Modify the lighting color

3. Indoor and outdoor lighting simulation

1. Selection and arrangement of outdoor lamps
2. Basis of intelligent lighting control
3. Control scenario calculation
4. Daylight into the scene
5. GB50034 architectural lighting design standard
6. Calculation surfaces and points
7. Evaluation area
8. Raytrace rendering
9. HDR of digital photography, HDR drawing export, CAD drawing export
10. Setting and output of result report

4. DIALux evo road and tunnel lighting simulation

1. Basic methods and standards of road lighting
2. Road lighting calculation
3. Optimization of road lighting calculation
4. Industrial lighting design
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