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How the lights of Ardello Theatre, France are achieved by using 0-10V smart drive power?

How the lights of Ardello Theatre, France are achieved by using 0-10V smart drive power?


Ardello Theatre, France,The 388-seat auditorium is built near Calais' magnificent Castle of Ardello, which used to be where Charles Dickens lived. Now it has become a comfortable and welcoming center culture, and it is to be held in summer with the British every year Cultural Festival.

During the day, sunlight can project different light and shadow effects through the glass, allowing the theater to enjoy sufficient natural light, which saves energy and creates a special light and shadow atmosphere. At night, the glass curtain wall can let out the indoor lights, making everything look shiny. Shenghui.

In public areas, the opera house uses light strips and spotlights to create a sense of layering and artistic atmosphere. The shimmer of light shone through the well-designed lighting nodes in an orderly manner, full of stylish texture, and quite interesting.

The theater achieves the above perfect presentation through the use of 0-10V intelligent driver power.

Its original ultra-deep digital driver dimming technology changes the light changes delicately, making people feel that the brightness of the light is being adjusted and changed;

It can achieve deep dimming(driver dimmable) and meet the diverse light intensity requirements of different areas in the opera house;

IPON's intelligent driver power supply has reached the strobe test standard after detection. The high-quality power supply provides a healthy and harmless lighting environment for the audience. At the same time, no matter whether the audience is shooting through mobile phones or professional recording of TV programs, there will be no ripple phenomenon, which makes the photography effect more perfect (for more "strobe" knowledge, click here);

Using the most advanced digital circuit design, built-in high performance, support five-in-one dimming (0-10V dimming / 1-10V  dimming/ PWM dimming/ RX dimming/ Push-DIM dimming) compatible with various brands of dimmers and control systems on the market for commercial Lighting offers the most powerful options.

The light gives the building an aura, and the light gives the environment a different atmosphere. IPON has always adhered to technological innovation, is committed to providing first-class products and the best solutions, and is committed to creating the most individual and unique lighting environment for each project to help customers increase project value.


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