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The difference between dali driver and DMX512

The difference between dali driver and DMX512


The dali driver standard has defined a DALI network including a maximum of 64 units (with independent addresses), 16 groups and 16 scenes. Different lighting units on the DALI dimmer switch bus can be flexibly grouped to achieve different scene control and management. dali led controller are usually connected to higher-level device networks, such as Ethernet, to support more devices and sufficient network bandwidth.

There are a lot of LED lamps that do DMX512 protocol in China. You should have a certain understanding of DMX512 controller, while DALI protocol is relatively unfamiliar. Here you can compare dali led driver with DMX512 to better understand dali dimming driver:

The difference between dali dimming driver and dmx512 decoder:

DMX512 controller shows dynamic effects, and DALI shows static effects;

DMX512 controller only needs to be used for stage lighting, DALI only needs to be used for indoor lighting;

DMX512 controller is one-way communication, DALI Dimmable Driver is two-way communication, you can query the status of the decoder;

The DMX512 protocol is simple, and the DALI protocol is complex. There are more than 200 protocols in total. Different lamps also have extended protocols with special functions.

DMX512 uses RS485 as the communication bus, and DALI controller uses low-voltage carrier mode as the communication bus. The bus can provide a maximum of 250mA for DALI equipment.

The DMX512 controller frame structure is simple and conforms to the serial communication UART data structure. It can be realized by a single chip with a UART port. The DALI master controller frame structure adopts Manchester code, which is divided into forward and return frames. The data bits of different frames are different. Need to use ordinary single-chip microcomputer to simulate communication.

DMX512 baud rate is 250K bit/s, DALI led controller baud rate is 1200 bit/s.

DMX512 adopts a one-master and multiple-slave structure, up to 512 slave addresses, DALI control module is also one-master and multiple-slave, up to 64 slave addresses, (DALI can also achieve a multi-master and multiple-slave structure, you can search for specifics I published <Implementation of Multi-Master Sending in the Dali Bus System> article);

DMX512 cable bus needs to use differential wire, hand-in-hand bus structure, the longest distance is 1.2 kilometers, DALI master configurator uses ordinary 2x1.5mm wire, supports hand-in-hand bus and star structure, the longest distance is 300 meters, and the longest distance is 300 meters. The bus voltage drop at the end cannot exceed 2V.

The maximum refresh rate of dmx controller 512 is 44 frames/second (dynamic effect), and the parameters such as grouping, scene, and gradual change time are all stored in the host. The host has a large workload. DALI master device has no refresh rate (static effect), grouping, scene, gradual time and other parameters. They are all stored in the slave decoder. After the debugging is completed, the master can be evacuated.

The dmx controller 512 address is set to manual mode, and the DALI master driver address setting can be manually or automatically assigned by the host.

The number of best dmx controller 512 groups depends on the host, DALI master driver is fixed, up to 16 groups.

The number of DMX512 scenes depends on the host, DALI is a fixed value, up to 16 scenes.


DALI driver was originally included in IEC60929, as long as it is for the dimming of fluorescent lamps, and the new standard IEC62386-xxx was released in June 2009, there are a dozen parts,

It describes in detail the DALI driver application standards of various lamps and lanterns. Once again, the European lighting industry is rejoicing the DALI dimmer switch boom, from the original indoor lighting to more

Many fields, such as wall washer lights, tunnel lights, etc.

LED has gradually entered various lighting applications, and the applications suitable for DALI control module have also been further expanded.

Product Features of  dmx512 decoder:

• Meet DMX512/1990, RDM/2009 international standard protocol

• 4 output channels, output current 200 to 1600mA per channel

• Can easily set DMX address by button

• Can easily set output current each channel

• With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1~4 colors

• 256/65536 level brightness, full-color control

• For customer setup and use easily, the default address code is 1

• Address setting become brightness setting when DMX signal isn’t connected

• Suitable for buildings, hotels, KTV, home and other places

Product Picture of  dmx512 controller:

dmx512 decoder&dmx 512 controller price

Product Features of  dali driver:

• Single channel output, output current level selectable by DIP S.W.

• Meet DALI Protocol IEC 62386

• Support Touch-DIM function

• High efficiency up to 85%

• Built-in active PFC function

• Dimming effect smooth, no flicker

• Protections: Short circuit, over load, over temperature

• Suitable for indoor LED lighting application, such as down light, spotlights, panel light, and so on

Product Picture of  dali dimming driver:

dali dimmable driver price&dali driver

Simply put, dmx512 controller stores the scene in the fixture. The BUS bus only informs the lamp which scene to switch to, and then the lamp changes itself. dali driver is two-way communication.

dmx512 decoder is issued by the master station at high speed to notify each slave station of brightness, color, and other information. Regardless of whether the slave receives it or not, the speed is used to compensate for the missing code. Even if there is a missing code, it will be swiped again soon.

So dali led driver is mostly used for smart lighting and scene lighting.

And DMAX512 is only used for stage lighting.

However, neither of them can be powered, which is different from two-bus technology. Unlike the commonly used KNX in Europe, it can communicate and supply power with two wires, but it is more expensive. There are also two POWERBUS buses for low-speed control in China.

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