What is light

The sun dappled the ground through the shade

The quiet starry night in the mountains

A warm yellow light that illuminates pedestrians

Candles flickering on the cake
The light we see on a daily basis is full of different colors
In the eyes of professionals, what will it look like
Tech house eyes, light electromagnetic wave, is visible energy

Stylist eye, light is the 4th building material, it is the brush of uncanny workmanship.
The gimmick of dimensional light is different, can form a person to different perception of the space.

The focus of the beam can guide the eyes for dramatic effect.

The illumination brightness has the level, forms the line of sight guidance.

Bright environment gives a person comfortable, transparent feeling.
Different professions have different understandings of light.
Different regions and cultures have different needs for the expression of light.

Breeding Beauty

Light expression of European hotel.

Breeding Beauty

European style is clear and open.
Japanese exquisite euphemism implicit.
Different needs lead to different ways and techniques of light expression.
Keep out to light, model a shadow, the space can be more vivid, interesting.

Breeding Beauty

Draw graphics with light to amaze the space .

Breeding Beauty

The light is so vivid and fascinating.
What it looks like, how it appears, the meaning of its existence, the undiscovered possibility...
The beauty of light is many, many things.
The word is endless.

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