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IPON is Popular at Frankfurt Lighting Fair

IPON is Popular at Frankfurt Lighting Fair


The much-anticipated Frankfurt Lighting Fair has ended successfully.

                                                  (IPON also exhibited the DALI DT8 CCT PUSH DIM dimmable driver with intelligent voice control this time) 

The five-day exhibition site was crowded with people and was extremely lively.

It is enough to see the importance of Frankfurt exhibition in the lighting industry.

Various businesses tried their best,

To showcase their products and technology.

IPON is no exception.

A professional sales and technical team was dispatched. 

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This time the "play" Frankfurt exhibition,

Three "black technology exhibition boards" competed to appear.

DALI IPT8 dual color temperature DALI dimming driver.

Siri, Echo's wireless voice control DALI dimming

TRIAC dimming driver "universal" dimming panel

(If you don’t understand, you can click to view the detailed introduction)

Attracted a lot of onlookers and experience of the audience.

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                                                                                                      In addition to work, through the exhibition,

See and understand the world’s top technology,

Meet some big names in the industry,

This is probably one of the reasons why Frankfurt Fair is attractive

The layman looks at the excitement, the insider looks at the doorway.

Judging from the pictures posted by Moments,

Intelligent lighting, plant lighting, health lighting and other fields,

Intelligent lighting products have become an inevitable trend in the lighting industry


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                                                                   (IPON also exhibited the DALI DT8 CCT PUSH DIM dimmable driver with intelligent voice control this time) 

Frankfurt Lighting Fair,

Provides a worldwide product display platform,

Reach out to industry leaders and target customer groups from all over the world,

Directly understand the latest trends and the most advanced science and technology.

Perhaps it is these that make Frankfurt Lighting Fair,

Become one of the most influential exhibitions in the lighting industry.

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               Frankfurt Lighting Fair is held every two years with an exhibition area of about 240,000 square meters. It has the top lighting exhibitors from all over the world.

 It is the largest lighting industry exhibition in the global lighting industry in terms of scale and brand influence.

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                                                 At the same time, Germany, as one of the important birthplaces of European civilization, contains a long history. 

The organizer will invite us to take a tour of the city's buildings and experience the charm of the lights in each city.

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                                                                                                     Want to know more industry information?

Please pay attention to our IPON latest developments

Keep up to date with industry trends.

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Along with the offline exhibition, the online expansion platform (Digital Extension) will also be launched simultaneously, which will provide exhibitors and their partners with a new, more digital and convenient form of interaction. This year is also the first time that the light+building exhibition is held simultaneously online and offline. As an exhibitor, you can log in to the Digital Extension platform to enjoy the business benefits brought by smart matching, chat with online audiences online, make appointments for meetings, or invite visitors to the booth negotiate.

Whether you are visiting the exhibition in person or participating remotely, you can experience the following digital functions brought by the online platform:

Intelligent Recommendation

Display company profile and product information

meeting appointment

Download documents and contact information

chat function

One-on-one video function

make a schedule

24/7 platform after physical exhibition

Online expansion platform (Digital Extension) login entrance:


The Digital Extension online expansion platform will be fully opened tomorrow, October 2, and will continue to be used until October 14. The platform will continue the exhibition experience brought by offline exhibitions, download established business contacts, online chat records, review live events, etc. Digital Extension will bring you more trade opportunities!

If you have any questions about Digital Extension, please feel free to contact us :

IPON 400-388-151

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