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DMX Connector for Cable Male/Female XLR

DMX Connector for Cable Male/Female XLR


Is the DMX male and female connector(dmx connector) of outdoor lighting connected in series or in parallel?


What is male and female plug?

There are waterproof male and female plug 2 Pin 3 Pin 4 Pin 5 Pin Connector waterproof wireon the market,for LED driver quick connector wire connector plug-in.


I currently have a five-wire plug.A needle comes out called a male


There are a few holes called female heads


Are these five wires for dry hemp?


Two red and blue are positive and negative of the power supply +/-


 The remaining three are the positive and negative of the signal, and the ground wire.


They can be plugged in and screwed in, this is waterproof .


Then the two sides are connected to the lamp, and the two lamps can be connected together through such a connector.


Then it looks like a lamp, a Female head comes in, a male head goes out,there is a lamp in the middle, it looks like it's called series connection


But in fact, it is not connected in series. The positive and negative poles enter the power supply part of the circuit board.

And the three wires of the signal also enter the signal part of the circuit board


After entering the circuit board,It ’s not coming out from the circuit board, but the five wires here and other five wires already connected


Then they go to the bottom of the circuit board, this is actually in parallel. This parallel connection is equivalent to putting a lot of lights on these five wires.


So how far can it drag? For example, how far can my two lights be? This distance depends on two things,The first is the signal.


This signal is transmitted in such a thin line, it must be lossy, and every time it passes through a lamp, it will lose.

How far? Will the loss be smaller? Small enough to be ignored? Our chief engineer, his recommendation is 40 meters.

That is to say, this signal line, within 40 meters, you can directly use this line in series, string in series.


But over 40 meters, you may need to add an amplifier in that place to amplify the signal again.


What about these two thick lines? These two thick wires are power cables. How long can it be allowed? This depends on how high the power load of the lamp you are dragging.


If the power is small and the wire diameter is thick, you can drag more lights, because the wire thickness can drag more current, and their voltage drop will be smaller.


If the power is large and the wire diameter is not enough, it may not be able to transmit a few meters, and this voltage will go down.


So, you need to add a (ipon)power supply or transformer after a certain distance. So how long this line can drag depends on the signal! Nothing to say! Regardless of your power, you need to add an amplifier for 40 meters, and for voltage drop, you need to consider power and wire diameter.

Thank you for the friend for asking a question worth thinking about.

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