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Rosewood Puebla Mexico

Rosewood Puebla Mexico


This city close to Mexico has the world's largest pyramid ruins and the most exquisite churches. It was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1987.

The hotel's multifunctional banquet halls and conference halls, elegant and calm design style, exquisite space scale, exquisite detail carving and luxurious meeting facilities, provide a choice of venues that integrate creativity and technology for meetings and events with different needs. As a banquet hall, taking pictures and photography is inevitable, and high-frequency exemption makes people's eyes more comfortable.

We can feel that similar high-end star hotels will only have higher and higher environmental quality requirements. As the first sense of the human sense, high-standard Led Controller lighting applications are particularly important. Most international star-level hotels use domestic and foreign first-line brand lamps and control systems, and the led 0-10v dimming power and led controllers that connect the lamps and control systems play a pivotal role.

The overall design of the hotel is a combination of modern art and classics, which fully changes the architecture, light, shadow and color. The exterior of the hotel adopts the way of the slope of the atrium and the gradually inclined slope of the podium, redefining the project as a complete combination, standing proudly on the skyline.

Stepping into the hotel lobby, you can see the uniquely shaped atrium, which greatly broadens the horizon. Regularly distributed light strips show light but no light, showing style and elegance, creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

The hotel exquisitely carved all-day dining restaurant to create a unique dining experience for guests. The restaurants with different styles are divided by the fine adjustment of the lighting, which makes the space more three-dimensional and allows the guests to enjoy both taste and visual enjoyment.

As a leading brand in the intelligent lighting control industry, IPON dimmable drivers has participated in many bidding projects for museums, hotels, commercials, and public buildings. With original ultra-deep dimming technology, and to meet different needs and scene atmosphere to create a comfortable light environment. In addition, the power strobe detection reaches the exemption assessment level, providing customers with a healthy and non-hazardous lighting environment, and solving the problem of color difference common to common dimming methods, ensuring the best color rendering index of the lamps, thereby enhancing the value, overall effect and Customer satisfaction and project winning rate.

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