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DALI Dimmable Driver system and advantages introduction

DALI Dimmable Driver system and advantages introduction


DALI Dimmable Driver digital addressahle lighting interface (DigitalAddressahle Lighting Interface) dimming, since it has been applied to fluorescent lamp dimming, it has made great progress. At present, there have been many cases of applying DALI dimmer control system to LED lighting in Europe and America, but in China, there is very little research on DALI dimming.


The DALI dimming system(dali dimmer module) provides a good solution for future large-scale lighting projects.


So what is DALI Dimmer Control?


DALI Dimmer Control is the acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface", which is a data transmission protocol. DALI defines the digital communication method between lighting appliances and system equipment controllers. dali dimmer module is not a new bus. But it supports open systems. The initial goal of designing and applying dali master controller is to optimize an intelligent lighting control system. The system has simple structure, convenient installation, easy operation, and excellent functions. It can not only be used for lighting control in a room, but also can be combined with the building management system (BMS ) Docking. The DALI system is different from the BMS, EIB or LON bus system. It is not expanded into a system with various complex control functions, but only used as a lighting control subsystem application, integrated into the BMS through the gateway interface, and can accept BMS control commands , Or recycling the operating state parameters of the subsystem.


The biggest feature of dali controller technology is that a single lamp has an independent address, and a single lamp or lamp group can be accurately dimmed through the dali controller system. DALI system software can independently address single or multiple lamps on the same strong current circuit or different circuits, so as to realize individual control and arbitrary grouping. Therefore, the DALI dimming system brings great flexibility to the lighting control. Users can design and adjust the corresponding lighting scheme according to their needs. This adjustment can still be used during the operation after the installation, without the need for wiring Make any changes. The DALI system is an ideal and simplified digital communication system designed to meet the needs of today's dimming lighting technology.


DALI Dimmer Control application advantages:

1. The design is simple and easy to implement:

The design of the DALI digital control system is simple, as long as it is connected to each other through the digital signal interface and connected in parallel to the 2-core control line. All groups and scenes can be programmed by computer software during installation and debugging, which not only saves wiring costs, but also only needs to change the software settings without rewiring for design modification, re-layout and separation, which is very simple and easy.


2. Simple and economical installation of dali dimmable driver:

There are 2 main power lines and 2 control lines for installing the DALI controller interface. There are no special requirements for wires and no polarity requirements during installation. Only the main power line and the control line are required to be isolated. The control line does not need to be shielded. The line current is 250mA, and the voltage drop does not exceed 2V when the line is 300 meters long. The control line and the power line can be parallel, no need to bury the wires. The compact design of control components does not require a special control cabinet, so installation is simple and economical.


3. DALI dimmer control  is accurate and reliable:

DALI dimmer control is a digital signal, which is different from an analog signal. The signal of 1010 can achieve disturbance-free control, and will not distort the control signal due to long-distance voltage drop. Therefore, even if the DALI digital signal control line and the strong wire are in the same line and tube, it will not Be disturbed. The DALI signal is two-way transmission, which not only transmits control commands forward, but also feeds back the information of the ballast and lamp tube status, fault information, switch, and actual brightness value to the system.


4. The dali master configurator communication structure is simple and reliable:

The dali master configurator interface communication protocol consists of 19 bits, the first bit is the start bit, the second to the ninth bit are the address bit, the 10th to the 17th bit is the data, and the 18th and 19th bit is the stop bit. The unique Manchester encoding is used to avoid errors. The transmission rate of 1200 baud can ensure that the communication between devices is not disturbed. The high level of the control line is 16V. Each controller on the control line acts as a master in the communication, and the control appliances like ballasts on the control line only respond to the command of the master to act as a SLAVE, and the system has a distributed intelligent function.


5. Wide range of dali dimmable driver applications:

Nowadays, DALI interface is not only used for fluorescent lamp ballast dimming, various electronic transformers for halogen lamps, electronic ballasts for gas discharge lamps, LEDs also use DALI interface dimming; control equipment also includes: radio receivers , Relay switch input interface. Various button control panels, including LED display panels, have DALI interfaces, which will make the application of DALI more and more widely. The controller expands from the smallest office to the office building with multiple rooms, from a single store to a satellite. Grade hotel.


IPON Dali Dimming Driver products of 240v dali driver :

240v dali driver Technical Parameter:

Product Name

100-240VAC 250mA 1 channel dali master controller IP130-DALI



Input Voltage


Input Frequency


Output Voltage


Output Current


Output Power


Working temp


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product size


Packing size


Recommended wire size


240v dali driver product features:

1. Meet DALI Protocol IEC62386

2. Output current up to 250mA Max

3. Support two installation methods of rail and screw fixing

4. Support over current protection

5. LED indicator light indicate status


240v dali dimmable driver product pictures:

dali dimmable driver


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