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Dominique Perrault Architecture

Dominique Perrault Architecture


To build a modern ALBI Grand Theatre in the ancient city of Albi in France, it is like the design skills and courage of architect Renzo Piano. "Stuffing" into organic-like works of art and architecture-Renzo Piano Building Workshop

For a wonderful stage show, in addition to the outstanding singers and dancers bring direct performances to the audience, the rendering of live lights is equally important. Today I will share with you briefly, how did the Albi theater stage create such a luxurious and gorgeous stage lighting effect?

The stage of the Albi Theatre is built with a patchwork of shapes. The organizer used a DMX decoder on the stage lighting of the Albi Theatre. The DMX512 protocol was used to perform unpredictable lighting control(dimmer control), and the prosperity of the original night string in the movie , Truthfully and vividly moved to the stage, showing the stage pictures that make the audience aesthetically shocking and spiritual baptism.

The DMX decoder understands the performer's heart, and uses ultra-deep digital dimming driver with a dimming power supply to control a variety of different lamps such as monochrome, dual color, RGB, RGBW, RGBWY, etc. There is no obvious strobe interference phenomenon under the camera. , Accurately present dimming  system and various changing effects. Each action of the performer presents different lighting effects and blends into the atmosphere of the scene, making people feel beautiful, sexy, dangerous and irresistible.

The IPON-DMX512 DMX decoder is compatible with the RMD remote management protocol and supports two-way communication of DMX512 signals. It can realize remote reading / writing of DMX addresses and other management functions. After installation, it is easy to change the address and reduce the procedure of secondary operations, giving customers smarter products Experience.

In addition, IPON's DMX decoders have passed UL, FCC, CE, and ROSH certifications and have been applied to all parts of the world. They have provided high-quality products and solutions for a variety of variety show programs, and have been deeply recognized and praised.


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