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The difference between dimmable led power supply 0-10V and 1-10V

The difference between dimmable led power supply 0-10V and 1-10V


Talking about the return of dimmable led power supply 1-10V ten years ago, before the popularization of LEDs, when fluorescent tubes were dimmed, if the brightness was adjusted to less than 10%, the life of the tube would be seriously shortened, so the minimum dimming of the tube could only be 1V. Corresponding to the brightness of 10%, the light switch can only use a relay to directly cut off the 220V led power supply. The systems on the market are basically 1-10V for this reason.


The triac dimmable led power supply 0-10V interface is generally used in instruments and meters to achieve high-precision analog changes. However, when used in LED dimming, the actual application environment is more complicated, and the control signal is often difficult to achieve 0V, so there will be situations where the switch will not turn off.


Our dimming power supply&led driver power PE18AA/PE30AA/PE45AA adopts analog control dimming method, the shutdown voltage is 07-0.8V, the corresponding brightness is also turned off at 7%-8%, and the 1-10V system is also indestructible, only connected to the relay circuit Switch off the main power supply; use 0-10V to directly switch off the power supply.


Dimming electronics(electronic dimmable led driver) breaks through the technical barriers of the industry. The latest PE14AA/ 20AA/N30AA/N45AA 1-10V constant current dimmable led power supply is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. The minimum brightness is about 0.5% at 1.3V, and there is no stroboscopic, rather than exemption. Frequency, we call true no flicker. Turn off the light directly when less than 1.3V, truly compatible with 1-10V dimming system.


Moreover, we can change the lowest point voltage by modifying the program to achieve customer customized requirements!

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