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LED dimming products for Hong Kong M + Pavilion

LED dimming products for Hong Kong M + Pavilion


For many years, IPON's LED dimming products have been widely used by star hotels and museum lighting projects. With excellent technology and quality led dimmable drivers products, they have been widely spread among Hong Kong and Macao lighting engineering companies. Among Hong Kong's lighting engineering companies, IPONis widely known, and it is the first choice for lighting engineering of many landmark buildings, attractions, star hotels, museums and high-end shopping malls in Hong Kong.

The M + Pavilion has opened on September 9, 2016. Prior to the completion of the M + Museum Building, the M + Pavilion will be the main venue for M + to host exhibitions and events; with the opening of the M + Building, the Pavilion will become a small independent exhibition for artists, designers and other institutions in the West Kowloon Art Park. Space for events.

In Hong Kong, not only are there emerging landmark buildings, and lighting projects have adopted IPON dimming products. In recent years, Hong Kong's well-known "old-fashioned" five-star hotels and museums have also continuously adopted IPON driver dimmable products in lighting renovation projects. Allowing more visitors to the hotel, the museum enjoyed high-quality lighting and a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Lighting design reflects and enhances the soft power of hotels and museums. Through the dimmer lighting control technology, different brightness, color temperature, and color of the light are realized, and the different distribution of light highlights the scene environment, reflecting the taste and grade of hotels and museums. In this magnificent star-level hotel and museum lighting upgrade project, IPON's dimmable drivers technology-leading products have been widely adopted by domestic and foreign well-known big-name hotels and museums. The glorious glory brings guests a higher-level light environment experience and more comfortable light atmosphere enjoyment.


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