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Application of DMX decoder in stage lighting

Application of DMX decoder in stage lighting


The success of a concert, stage lighting effects played a very important role. When using DMX decoder to make and adjust the atmosphere of the scene, the stunning stage lights can drive the scene to resonate and make people remember. On the contrary, it makes the program boring and unattractive.

Definition of DMX512 products: 

DMX512 (Digital Multiplex) is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects.DMX512 soon became the primary method for linking controllers (such as a lighting console) to dimmers and special effects devices such as fog machines and intelligent lights. DMX has also expanded to uses in non-theatrical interior and architectural lighting, at scales ranging from strings of Christmas lights to electronic billboards. DMX512 decoder can now be used to control almost anything, reflecting its popularity in theaters and venues.

DMX decoder related product parameters:

Model: IP707-PX
Channels: 4 channels 
Input Voltage: 12-50V DC
Output Voltage: 1-42VDC
Output Current: 200 to 1600mA per channel
Protection: Short-circuit protect,Over current protect, Over temp protect

However, there are many types of stage lamps, including LED light string lights, LED point light sources, SMD follow-light flexible light bars, LED guardrail tubes, curtain wall lights, pixel screens, high-power flood lights and other LED digital lamps. With such a large number of lights, using DMX512 decoder can well control the lights on the stage to show the ideal light dynamic effect.

DMX decoder mode application case:

Korean boy group Seventeen is on tour in North America! There will be many American cities and fans in Chicago, San Jose, Kent and more! Seventeen is a well-known 13-member boy group in South Korea. Its members include S.S.coups, Johan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, WOOZI, DK, Tong Kui, The 8, Seung Hyun, Vernon, Dino, all talented.

The aftershocks around the scene, the stage lighting is even more intoxicating. How did the engineering side shape the gorgeous stage lighting effect? Today I will show you the lighting project of the concert.

The mood of the music determines the tone of the light. Stage lights convey the mood of singing music through colors, rendering the audience present. For example, warm and passionate music, the light usually uses warm colors, red, yellow, etc., and small and gentle music, you can use cold blue light.

The rhythm of the music determines the rhythm of the lights. A song consists of intro, interlude, main melody, sub-melody, etc. The light should also be divided into different parts. The light will reflect the length, intensity, Changes in pitch and timbre.

The stage of this concert will use the DMX-SPI signal decoder to convert the stage DMX512 digital signals into SPI (TTL) digital signals, and call the built-in functions of the controller through the DMX512 console to select the change mode and speed; At the same time, it has a DMX decoder mode, which uses the console to edit and control the above LED-driven LED fixtures, and can control each channel of the on-site LED fixtures to achieve dynamic dimming effects, so that the stage lighting and the singer's performance are perfectly integrated.

The lighting at the concert scene rises and falls with the music atmosphere, thus transforming into the effect of changing light and shadow, which not only makes the fans and fans addicted, but also makes the lighting control more convenient and accurate. 

DMX decoder related product image:


Since IPON stage light dimmer controller was founded 21 years ago, its dmx decoder led driver products have been used on various large and medium-sized stages. The high-quality product performance shows the stage with colorful colors and dazzling dynamic effects. At this concert, nearly 30,000 fans and idols were full of emotion, and the fans worshiped idol

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