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One of the essence of DALI dimming

One of the essence of DALI dimming


IPON dali dimming Driver mainly focuses on TRIAC dimming Driver, 0-10V dimming Driver, DALI dimming Driver and other products. TRIAC and 0-10V are used in daily life. We are not very clear about DALI dimming. Today to help you share one of the essence of DALI dimming&dali lighting control module

DALI dimming products(dali dimmable led driver&dali drivers) are developed and designed based on the DALI protocol. DALI "digital lighting control(dali dimming system) international standard, the full name is: digital addressable interface standard, DALI protocol is an open asynchronous serial digital communication protocol. DALI protocol is dedicated The lighting control protocol is only used for lighting systems. It is easy to connect with the building automation system BAS. It is a supplement to the BAS system. The open standard of the DALI protocol makes the compatibility of DALI dimming Driver very good. By joining the DALI Association and possessing all DALI protocols, optical power supply companies can develop and produce power products that meet all DALI standards. As a result, the products can be matched with other manufacturers' DALI control systems(dali dimming system), and compatibility problems no longer exist.

The above is one of the essence of DALI dimming, an open protocol-strong compatibility. In addition to the above features, LED dimming Driver supplies using DALI dimming technology also have the following advantages: precise dimming, addressable, monitorable, and wide dimming range.

dali dimmer(dali led driver&dali scene controller) is a digital dimming technology that supports 64 addresses. Each LED lamp can be set to an address. The LED dimming Driver (external LED lamp load) can be connected through a signal line and can be grouped and controlled at will. The control of LED lamps brings great flexibility and possibilities. Combining other sensors and timing control can also achieve more control effects. Since DALI supports two-way communication, it can also monitor the status of the LED lights. Abnormal LED lights can be prompted by the system to facilitate the management and maintenance of the lights in the later period. The LED dimming Driver(dali driver&dali dimmable led driver) is equivalent to a sub-control in the DALI dimming control system(dali touch panel), and the effect achieved through the DALI master control editing and setting is "stored" in the power supply. In the DALI dimming system, 16 groups and 16 scenes can be set, all of which need the cooperation of DALI dimming Driver(dali scene controller), DALI master control and other related equipment.

With the development of science and the rapid development of technology, DALI dimming and control technology(dali dimmer) will not stop. DALI dimming and control technology will be combined with intelligent lighting, and new control forms will also be produced. Dimming products.

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