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New type of dimming and color adjustment LED driver

New type of dimming and color adjustment LED driver


In the development of the LED drive power supply industry, led dimming lighting electronics has always played a pivotal role. led dimmable drivers Dimming lighting electronics has more than 20 national patents for LED dimming power supplies.


According to the latest LED driver market survey, the demand for LED color temperature is very strong, and an important problem restricting the development of color temperature lamps is the troublesome operation of color temperature conversion. At most, 2.4G remote control is used. When you can't find the remote control when you want to adjust the color, you will be very annoyed, and the cost of this solution is high. The second is to use the power switch to switch the color temperature in sections. Any switch operation will change the color temperature. Every time you turn on the light, you have to switch several times to find the color temperature you want. The operation is complicated and it will be annoying for a long time.


Let's analyze the led power supply application needs of consumers to choose color temperature lamps. In situations where brightness lighting is required, the brighter the better at this time, and the cold light gives people a bright environment. In romantic and warm occasions, the height should not be too bright at this time, and the warm color can better emphasize this effect.


Recently, the dimming lighting electronics R&D team has successfully developed a new type of dimming(led dimmable drivers) and color matching LED driver after continuous efforts, and successfully applied for a national patent. This technology can perfectly present the above application scenarios, and the operation is extremely simple.


As long as a thyristor dimmer, it can achieve dimming and color temperature functions.


Once this dimmable led driver power supply is launched on the market, it has been unanimously recognized by users and has a broad application prospect.


The led driver principle is to add AC phase cut phase detection to the original thyristor LED dimming power supply, and adjust the LED color temperature according to the AC phase cut phase. Achieve a cool color light above 90% brightness. From 90% brightness to 50% brightness, the color temperature gradually changes from cold light to warm light. The brightness below 50% is warm light. The change process is completely controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and the change curve can be customized for large customers.


led driver Features:

1 .The application is simple, only one dimmer is needed. If it was a thyristor dimming power supply before, the application circuit does not need to be changed.

2 .Low cost, compared with 2.4G dimming power supply, eliminating the need for remote control and receiving and transmitting circuits, it is easier to pass EMC.

3 .The operation is simple, one knob can be used for operation by children and the elderly.

4 .Good synchronization. All power supplies detect phases, and different power supplies adjust the color temperature at the same time.

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