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Principles and technical difficulties of SCR (TRAIC)Dimmable driver

Principles and technical difficulties of SCR (TRAIC)Dimmable driver


Thyristor dimming power supplySCR&TRAIC dimmer switch), since it is a dimming power supply, it must have a good dimming effect. Now that the dimming scheme is relatively mature and the popularization of LED special dimmers, the dimming effect seems to be solved.

But in fact, a good solution does not have a good dimming effect. The design of the input circuit has a great influence on the dimming effect.

Why is a thyristor dimmer called a thyristor dimmer? Because the dimmer uses a thyristor component, all of which are called a thyristor dimmer.

There are two conditions for the thyristor to be turned on, one is the trigger current and the other is the sustain current. The thyristor power supply is to find a way to keep this sustaining current uninterrupted. As long as the sustaining current is insufficient or absent, the dimmable led driver must flash.

There are two general practices now:

One is to increase the power factor to almost linear, generally above 0.96. Ensure that the current is continuous and uninterrupted.

(Now common dimming IC solutions on the market use this method)

One is the built-in freewheeling circuit.

Different companies will adopt different methods.

Well, everyone, don’t forget, the SCR power supply is also an LED power supply, and it must also meet the requirements of LED lamps, that is, it must comply with EMC requirements.

In the EMC test, conduction is more difficult to pass. The corrective solution is to connect a safety capacitor at the input end. And this safety capacitor has a great influence on the dimming effect. How to pass the certification and the dimming effect is good, this is the biggest difficulty of the scr light dimmer power supply.

The PE910 solution of the dimming lighting electronics company uses two combinations. Under the premise of improving the power factor, it also has a built-in freewheeling circuit.

And while ensuring that the product can be certified, it also has a good dimming effect.

It is particularly important to mention that some so-called large companies in the industry or companies listed on the New Third Board will remove the safety capacitors in batches. In fact, they cannot pass the certification, but they carry the CE mark.

Our dimming lighting electronics company has test transmission equipment, which can test for customers for free.

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