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by:IPON LED     2020-06-20
Triac dimming switch is the earliest dimming technology developed for AC input incandescent and halogen lamps.Thanks to decades of development, it is a reliable and stable solution, and now it can also be used for dimming ac led lights.Triac LED dimmer switches can be used to dim and switch ac dimmable LED lights such as LED downlights and LED spotlights.If the design of the LED light is built inIn a dimmable drive, the triac dimmer can be connected directly to it, otherwise you will need an external dimmable drive.Why do we choose the triac dimmer for our ac led lights for the following reasons.Firstly, 100-The 40vac wide input and output voltage enables it to be compatible with inputs from most countries in the world and to be used worldwide.Can be connected directly to dimmable LED lights or dimmable LED drivers.It is designed in full isolation, ensuring high safety and reliability.Secondly, it is dimmable with triac adjustable light and mosfet.While using Mosfet dimming, it outputs a PWM signal to control the connected LED lights and is able to smoothly switch and dimming without blinking, which is good for human eyes.Third, the forward stageCut off dimming and reverse phase-The cut dimming can be switched, which is a very important function that allows the user to select the dimming speed.Phase-Cutting dimmer, both in forward phase-Cut or reverse-Cut, accounting for most of the market for dimmers.After the input voltage rises after crossing zero point, the front-end dimmer will suppress the energy transferred to the lamp load for a period of time, thus outputting the brightness.Trailing-The edge dimmer also adjusts the output by suppressing it for a period of time, but this is referenced to half of the negative edgescycle.Leading-Edge dimmers are generally less costly and therefore more widely used, and then lower EMI for edge dimmers, which are preferred in some markets (particularly in Europe) and in noise-sensitive environments.That-being-It is unlikely that ordinary consumers will know whether their fixtures are led-Edge or trailing-Edge dimmer, so it is important that the LED replacement bulb works with both types.The LED dimmer switch is connected to the fixture and a control unit is required to send a signal to it.There are many control signals on the market, including RF wireless, DMX, DALI, etc.No matter which control signal you choose, the triac dimmer should design the control interface for the corresponding receiving signal.
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