touch dimmer switch with ultra smooth control for home lighting

by:IPON LED     2020-06-10
There is a variety of types of control units for dimmers on the market, such as button switches, rotary switches, remote controls with keys, and touch control panels.
Among them, the touch dimmer switch is an emerging technology for smooth control through simple finger touch.
The biggest advantage of touching the dimmer is that you only need to touch your finger gently and the operation is simple.
All operations including the switch, adjusting the brightness and adjusting the color are done with a simple finger touch.
In general, the dimmer switch with the touch interface will be designed as an icon that is easy to understand and clearly display.
It is designed with ultra-sensitive glass touch panel, and the brightness adjustment is accurate and fast.
The switch and dimming operation can be very smooth without any flashing. Multi-
The touch dimmer can use the area control function, which can switch and dim all these areas individually or synchronously without any confusion.
For example, you can control the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom together or independently.
The touch screen can provide different output signals, so the control distance will be different.
Although an RF signal is designed and matched with a dimmer with an RF signal receiver, the distance can be more than 20 m.
When it is designed to be needed with dimmer (E. G. DMX, 0-10V or DALI.
It is enough for home lighting to control RF signals.
The touch dimmer switch is not only suitable for monochrome led, but also for two colors (
Warm white and cold white)
1 and RGB/RGB (W)one.
When controlling a monochrome lamp, it provides basic switching and dimming functions and supports multi-area operation, which means that a controller can control many dimmers.
For a two-color lamp, it provides color temperature adjustment and brightness adjustment for each channel function through touch operation.
When it comes to RGB/RGBW lights, there are various functions besides dimming and switching, especially RGB tone adjustment and dynamic change mode control.
Depending on the touch screen, the dimmer should design the corresponding interface.
If the panel is an RF wireless controller, the dimmer should be designed as an RF interface for receiving RF signals.
If the switch is the controller that sends digital control signals such as DALI and DMX, the receiver should have a DMX or DALI interface designed to receive the signal.
The RF signal needs to be paired and the DMX or DALI signal needs to be wired.
Upon completion, you can enjoy the ultra smooth control of home lighting.
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