tips for choosing the right led strip dimmer

by:IPON LED     2020-05-06
LED strip lamps are widely used for decoration and key lighting of residential lighting.In order to create the right atmosphere for different environments, it is very important that LED bar dimmers instead of simple switches to control bar dimmers.LED light strips vary depending on voltage and color.
It has different input voltages including DC 12 V or 24 v constant voltage input and AC 110 V or 220 V voltage input.It also has different colors including monochrome, two colors (warm white, cold white) and RGB/RGBW.In order to correctly dim and control the LED light strip, the correct dimmer is required.
First of all, the design of the dimmer should comply with the specifications of the solar lamp, otherwise the dimmer and the lamp may be damaged or burned.Let\'s take the most popular 12 V led light strip as an example, it is a LED light with constant voltage input, so you have to choose the led bar dimmer with 12vdc constant voltage output, this dimmer can match the bar dimmer.If the dimmer is designed with AC input, the power supply is not required, just connect it to the main power supply.
If there is a DC input in the dimmer design, it is necessary to communicate to the DC power supply.The same is true for 24VDC input LED light strips.If the lamp is an AC high voltage input lamp, you must select a dimmer with an AC output to match the input voltage of the lamp.
Secondly, the dimmer should be able to control the corresponding color of the light, and different controllers are required for different colors of monochrome, two-color and RGB/RGBW.Monochrome requires the controller to have at least 1 channel output, the two-color requires the controller to have at least 2 channel outputs, at least 3 channels for RGB, and at least 4 channels for RGBW.There are 4 channels in the market for some controllers to control all of these colors and you have to consult a professional salesperson before purchasing.
Third, what kind of dimming technology should be used?Generally, the most popular technology for DC low voltage lamps is PWM, which has the advantage of smooth switching and no flashing of dimming.The dimmer has different PWM frequencies, and the higher the frequency, the smoother the dimmer and switch.For AC high voltage lighting, phase cut dimming is the most widely used.
Consult a professional salesman before purchasing.Fourth, which control signal should be used?Radio frequency wireless DMX, Dali and moon-10 v, you can choose according to your own preferences.To use these signals, the dimmer of your choice will be able to receive the signal.
Choose a professional salesman before consulting.Understanding these issues will help to select the right LED bar dimmer
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