tips for choosing the right ac led dimmer

by:IPON LED     2020-04-23
Triac dimmers are commonly used in conventional incandescent and halogen lamps, but they are now compatible with ac led lighting due to technological advances.Triac ac led dimmer uses phase cutting and reverse phase cutting dimming.It is designed with AC input and output, which means it only supports ac led lights.
Before using the ac led dimmer, you must first figure out the type of LED light and make sure it is the AC input LED light.Even with the AC type, you have to make sure it is dimmable and supports triac dimmers, for all of which you can consult a professional sales person before choosing an LED light.The overall triac dimming system requires a dimmer and control unit.
Due to its reliability and stability, the traditional control unit is a button switch and knob.The control unit should be connected to the dimmer and the dimmer should be connected to the LED light.It is not very convenient and comfortable to use these traditional control units.
The new wireless control unit with RF signal is an innovative solution to control triac dimmer.Since the triac dimmer is internally integrated with the RF receiver module and is able to receive RF control signals, there is no need for wiring between the dimmer and the controller.The RF signal makes the control more flexible and convenient.
The control range can reach 20 m and the controller is portable.The controller can be designed with different operating methods including buttons, knobs, handheld remote control and full touch screen, all of which have their own shortcomings.You can choose according to your preferences.
The reliability and stability of buttons and knobs are the most popular and they are widely used for general lighting control.They provide dimming and switching functions, and the dimming range can be from 0.1% to 100% without flashing.The wireless handheld remote is a great choice for portable or can be fixed to the stand.
The full touch panel is an innovative design that supports dimming and switch full touch control.Touch sensitive smooth, no flashing when dimming.Your favorite brightness can also be remembered and stored.
The next time power is powered on, the controller will automatically revert to the last brightness before the power goes off.Another humanized function is the backlight design with LED indicator light, which can be blind controlled in the dark
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