the role of a power amplifier in a car audio system

by:IPON LED     2020-06-18
Music is a part of everyday life, especially when driving.
This is because most working adults only have time to listen to music in the car before they rush home.
Therefore, it is no wonder that people install the subwoofer speaker system on their vehicles.
In the car, the subwoofer system contains three basic components;
Speakers, subwoofer and amplifier.
The power amplifier is one of the best parts of this system.
What is a power amplifier and what does it do?
The power amplifier is part of the subwoofer speaker system.
It is named only according to the power it outputs.
It sends a \"zoom in\" signal to the Speaker to send out the bass.
The main purpose of the amplifier is to receive a weak signal and make it strong enough to drive the speaker.
Using a subwoofer speaker system, the power amplifier works on the basis of input and output.
There are three stages of power level, input level and output level.
When learning or dealing with these stages, you will see a lot of technical terms that may be difficult for some to understand.
Power Stage processing supplies power to the power amplifier.
This takes place at 120 v ac (VAC)
And convert it to DC (DC).
An easy way to understand this is the power that your amplifier will convert in so that it can be used.
The input phase processes the receiving input signal and prepares for the output.
It is better to have a balanced input when dealing with the input phase, as it helps to reduce noise rather than single-ended inputs.
The output level is the most important, as it is actually to amplify the weaker signal to the level of the speaker.
This stage is the most transitional place, so it will generate the heat you feel after the amplifier lasts too long.
Power amplifier class A amplifier is the second most commonly used amplifier in automobiles.
Their distortion is very low, which means that the distortion will decrease as the volume decreases.
Unfortunately, this type of amplifier is very inefficient and will run out of power even if the speakers don\'t have music.
Class B amplifier is an economical and effective method for subwoofer speaker system.
They provide higher efficiency, and unfortunately, it needs to withstand more distortion when dealing with low signal power.
Class C amplifiers are not used for any audio system, especially for vehicles.
The reason for this is that there is too much distortion in the audio circuit to provide any quality sound.
Class D amplifiers are in a variety of automotive audio subwoofer speaker systems due to efficiency, quality and cost.
They \'ve been around for a long time, but until recently they haven\'t used it as often as they used.
Generally speaking, the function of the power amplifier in the car is to enhance or amplify the signal of the Speaker, thus making a stronger sound.
When you want to install the subwoofer speaker system in the car, you always want to have a power amplifier to make an enhanced sound.
The safest option is to select either a class D amplifier or a Class a amplifier as the second option.
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