tech toys – the best and worst of the decade

by:IPON LED     2020-05-03
The world takes you through the continent to investigate the stories that are changing our world.
Over the past ten years, the technological innovation here is changing with each passing day and unforgettable.
Noughties saw social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter take over the network, allowing users to communicate with friends, share videos and photos, and update the \"status\" of people around the world \".
2009 video sharing site YouTube has more than 1 billion video views per day, and after more than 0. 12 billion people watched a trial of her TV show British talent online, it gave singer Susan Boyle
One of the biggest tech hotspots in a decade is, of course, Apple\'s iPhone.
With the iPhone enabling people to download apps, listen to music, take photos and scan the internet, smartphones have revolutionized the way people interact with their phones.
Online music sharing, motion-sensor video games and flat-screen televisions have also taken the stage for a decade.
Just a few examples.
Looking back on the past decade, it has also brought some memorable gadgets.
Who will forget all the important answering machines, even the phone book?
Remember when we used to listen to music through the discount store and go to the CD store to buy music?
We would love to hear what you think about some of your favorite tech products this year, and what you think about the most memorable tech toys of the past decade that are just paperback today.
Let us know what you think and comment below.
I can\'t believe this answering machine really exists. . very funny!
I still remember using a cassette tape in my Walkman with only a floppy disk, Zip drive for the old radio or TV.
Now we have a digital recording box for TV and digital radio. .
Everything is digital now! ! !
Our old video player has been forgotten, and everyone had one ten years ago.
DVD may face the same fate.
It is hoped that in the next ten years, they will support higher-volume streaming of our PCs.
IPhone not enabled
Therefore, science and technology is the technology, which brings the construction Revolution to the public.
The IPhone also makes it easy to handle the mobile business and becomes the preferred device for music professionals.
At the beginning of ten years, I was still buying a camera and bought myself an APS-type camera, but still didn\'t want to leave the 35mm camera.
I bought a sound system that was able to carry cassette tape, CD and mini tape
When I think the mp3 format can only be played on the computer,
At that time, I was still communicating with overseas friends by fax and mail, and I had the habit of printing several emails I received.
I remember ICQ is popular with instant messaging, but you have to sit next to your computer all day.
I own a phone, but you look cool when you use a phone smaller than the palm of your hand.
Now you can have all of the above in a device that fits your pocket.
Not to mention other features like video games, operating systems, or GPS. . .
I think any device that carries all of these devices must be the most popular tech toy. . . !
If the \"forgotten gadget\" is really forgotten, can anyone remember it now?
Other important thing in this decade is the ability to connect wirelessly to the Internet, we forget the cable and even forget to dialup connections.
Flash of USB memory is also important, we no longer use floppy disks or even burn data discs.
Does anyone remember the floppy disks, now they are replaced by flash drives, does anyone remember having to go to your local store to develop your photos?
Now you just need to print it with a computer. who remembers those thick TVs? now the TV is less than 3 inch.
I remember over the next decade, our iphone, mac and everything we thought was going to be replaced by storage or lofts.
I think there will be more high tech products in the next decade and we will use them and maybe our kids will think about iphone or mac crappy, slow and stupid.
Each generation is technically another generation.
Happy new year! -FredI misses my 8-track player!
Don\'t forget the computer!
How far computers have developed has become an important part of our offices, our families, and even the cars we drive.
Then the phone, how a simple phone becomes a multitasking device, we feel lost without it!
I was wondering if we would meet on days without dvd, cd or this technology. An important gadget in this decade is that the processor is getting faster and faster, and new processors are being introduced regularly! ! !
In addition, broadband connectivity has also become faster in terms of download speed and satellite TV on demand. . . . . .
The size of the laptop is getting smaller and smaller, which is memorable!
I wouldn\'t be surprised when we had a lap/phone/TV in our pockets! ! ! !
Happy New Year to everyone!
-EnochI believes BlackBerry Bold should be a decade-old gadget.
Whether it\'s an excellent qwerty keyboard or an extremely efficient application (
Instead of useless apps provided by iphone App World).
Also, no email service is even close to the one provided by BlackBerry.
This is the best smartphone ever and can be called the \"iphone killer \".
From radio and television to computers to mobile phones, our life has witnessed a great leap in technological innovation.
When I was born 75 years ago in a village in Sri Lanka, there was even a telephone connection or a post office.
Grammy Awards and planes were the biggest attraction of World War II.
When the war ended in 1944, companies in many industrial countries around the world began a competition to invent more technical equipment to help humanity.
Marketing and manufacturing create an international competition to invent more advanced equipment.
Nowadays, the combination of handheld phones and multi-function functions meets many important needs and has become the best human partner in history.
Now almost the whole world is covered by network connections, and in all countries, on average, one mobile phone in every three countries performs many daily tasks.
Mobile phones are the largest market goods in the world today, and competition among manufacturers and service providers in the market is lowering prices so that everyone can accept them. hum!
There is no doubt that technology is good.
This means that we can connect from one side of the world to the other, which is a good way to share and exchange ideas, however, i\'m just talking about myself-and that brings me a little bit of a barrier in some areas-I want to make a You tube video for example, but I don\'t know how to go about it.
Even watched the video on how to do it.
I just don\'t understand the mechanics of it. -
That\'s simple. -
I don\'t think it\'s fair because we can only rely on this way of communication, which puts some people like me at a disadvantage.
You want to contact any agency these days and they want you to be a part of the computer. . .
You should be proficient in typing, tweets, facebook, you tube, etc.
I don\'t want to be cynical. . .
Isn\'t this a way of discrimination? Not only that. .
After a year, everything changed. . this is crazy. -
Does this mean that we have to take computer classes every day to keep up with the development of technology? COME ON. . .
In the meantime, I\'m counting on your CNN staff to help me check your Metro.
Thank you very much for this. :)
BlackBerry has a place in the mobile phone category of technology toys. No doubt I-
The phone is revolutionary.
I believe the car will drive on the water one day.
Then we will be close to the end of the world.
I remember one day those people who were considered rich were those who had TV (black nd white)
The stand and door with 4 legs can be used with it. . . . hmm! good o\'l days.
My prediction for the future is to phase out laptops.
Because mobile phone manufacturers make phones so smart and powerful, we don\'t even worry about laptops.
The best video player I use is the VLC player, it is free and I think it is also open source * \"There are so many hardware and software video players on the market now, sometimes it is difficult to choose ~; ;
Very good, thnkas added these references and thnkas suggested a group meeting for the art mobile event!
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