remote control time switch anyone?

by:IPON LED     2020-05-27
The new feeling of guilt is not overeating, but a waste of time.
The focus will be on the way we spend our time and waste our time.
The new guilt of not doing enough and not following discipline is not a measure of how we overeat, but a measure of how we waste our time.
Young and wealthy celebrities who waste their time in the club will be more despised.
Members of Congress and senators can get more support in their legislative work in just a few hours.
Old technologies such as clocks are still the basic necessities of time control.
However, a creative psychologist at Berkeley designed a \"time meter\" for her students \".
She gets the idea from the pedometer that people use to calculate if they go enough or need to do more.
She created a gadget in which people Press one of the six buttons all day, whenever they are working on a task.
The buttons are as follows: 1. t-(
Waste time)2. tI (
Personal relaxation or leisure)3. t+ (
Improve your activities)4. tK (
Time with children)5. tS (
Time with your spouse)or partner 6. tW (
Time spent on work, including time to prepare for work and go home).
Her students were skeptical at first, but two weeks after using the \"schedule\" they got used to it and reported that now they have formed to think twice before taking part in the event, is it worth their time.
\"This is not only a record of how we spend our time, but also a few seconds of the value we use to classify what we are doing, to give us more insight into ourselves, have more reflection on what you do.
Turn the company\'s profit share into more employees personal TimeAn innovation technology companies reward loyal employees by giving them more time they need most.
Each increase in the net profit margin is equivalent to an increase of a few minutes when the employee is on leave.
The company\'s HR director says even level managers are excited about the new incentives they are developing.
This idea raises employee engagement to a higher level.
Innovative advice on business processes and markets will be rewarded with additional leave.
What is even more surprising, however, is how others include time management at home and start time management training for seven-year-olds.
Of the ten families, Ten decided to teach their children to manage their time more wisely.
Remote controls using Bluetooth technology are provided to parents, where they can cover the control of their children\'s TV sets and computers.
Children have a fixed time to watch TV every day. After such a time, the TV will automatically turn off according to the parents\' programming.
This remote control even has access to the computer to limit the time their children spend playing video games on the Internet.
Is this too fierce?
A couple are among them.
People in their 30 s say this is not because they are able to build better habits for their children.
\"At least they know they need to go out as well and play sports or chat with us downstairs.
\"Time has become more obvious in the 21st century.
Is this new fashion?
Or, like we care about the natural environment, do we still need about 30 years to care about the time?
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