Program Universal Remote for DirecTV

by:IPON LED     2020-06-26
The universal remote control allows you to control multiple electronic devices using only one remote when entering a specific code.
The devices you can control include satellite receivers.
Of course, there are two major satellite TV providers in the United States. S.
But if you are reading this, it is likely that you have a DirecTV receiver.
Unfortunately for all DirecTV receivers, the code required to control a DirecTV receiver is not the same.
There are many different models of remote control and there are also many different manufacturers of DirecTV receivers.
Each remote control has specific instructions you need to follow, and the code of each receiver depends on the model of the remote control and the manufacturer of the receiver when programming a universal remote control to control the Direct TV. Sony RM-
VLZ260 if you haven\'t done so already open the receiver you want to program the RM
Cooperate with VLZ260.
Once turned on, press the settings button on the remote control and wait for the indicator to turn on.
While holding down \"SET\", press the \"CBL\" button.
If your receiver comes directly from DirecTV, the code you can try is: \"40099\", \"40566\", \"40749\", \"41377\", \"41414\", \"41442\", \"41749\" and.
\"Type each of these codes in the digital keyboard using the remote control until one works.
Unfortunately, once the code is entered, the whole process must be executed again whenever you try to enter a new code.
For the Panasonic-made receiver you purchased yourself (
Represented by \"Panasonic\" that appears on the receiver)
The code you have to enter is \"40847.
The code that \"Sony receiver can use is:\" 40847 \",\" 40853 \",\" 41558 \"and\" 41979 \".
\"Again, you have to repeat the whole process every time you try a new code.
After entering the code, the \"SET\" indicator flashes three times and then turns off.
At this point, you can press the power button on RM-
VLZ260 see if it turns off the receiver.
If so, you are set up.
If not, you need to try a different code before you do.
Turn on your DirecTV receiver (
If not already)
Press and hold the \"CBL/SAT\" button of the remote control.
Wait for the \"power\" key to light up.
When it appears, keep the \"CBL/SAT\" button and enter the appropriate code (
Please note that the light on the \"Power\" key turns off when you enter the code).
If you are using a receiver directly from DirecTV, enter \"03\" on the digital keyboard of rcrn04 g \".
For the receiver manufactured by Philips, enter \"08\" as the code.
Enter \"10\" for Panasonic receiver \".
Look at the \"Power\" key after entering the code.
If it\'s lit up, you\'re done.
If not, you must check the whole process again and make sure to enter the correct code.
Reference \"Sony eSupport-RM-
Remote Code and programming for Vlzvl-RCA RCRN04GR remote control \"information, user manual and code list \"~ /Information ,-user-manual-and-code-list-for-the-rca-rcrn04gr-remote-controlSony RM-
The VLZ260 remote image provides a lot of data.
Shopping offers remote images of comRCA RCRN04GR.
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