powered or passive dj speakers: which is for you?

by:IPON LED     2020-06-16
If it\'s hard for you to decide what style and size DJ speakers you need, maybe this article will help you.
There\'s a lot to consider before you make a decision and buy a DJ device in a certain direction.
Gear is not only a factor, but how it will combine with your vehicle, performance, and budget.
First of all, how big speakers do you need?
A: How big is the room you work in?
DJ speaker packages including subwoofer usually use small main speakers (8-10\" woofers)
Let the submarine do most of the work.
You may need 12 power supplies if you are playing in a larger room
One or two.
Use 15-
18 \"speaker, 18\" low frequency response.
Passive, full range speakers require power amplifiers and speaker wires to work and the speakers are built in-
In the cross of separating high and low frequencies.
In normal settings, the speaker has a wire extending from the amplifier near the DJ mixer to it.
Passive speakers will be lighter in shipping and lifting as they don\'t have an amp so you have to bring an amp to power them.
In most cases, you can also add two speakers * on one amp, daisy-with a short speaker line-
Link from another speaker.
Make sure to use a good speaker cable instead of a light line. Note -
Use an under-power amplifier with a passive speaker and push it to the maximum to blow both off;
The heat generated by the amplifier over-working will turn it off, and the distortion signal generated by the amplifier will turn off the speaker.
Always use the rated power amplifier to get the same or a little more power as the speaker.
You want a clean volume and you need some of the available amplifier clearance space.
Electric speakers typically use guitar wires or XLR inputs, as well as AC power cables connected to it.
If there is no balanced output for the DJ mixer, you need-
10/4 boxes, to balance and increase the signal volume.
Alternatively, if the input is on the sub, it must be near the DJ mixer (
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