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by:IPON LED     2020-05-25
Pune: Institute of National Defense (NDA)
Plans to replace about one lakh light from key institutions of the college with a lamp, covering an area of 8,000 acresLEDs (LED)
Lights used to save energy. An LED lamp (LED light bulb)is a solid-
Status lights using lights-
As a light source.
\"The purpose is to reduce power consumption and promote the environment --
The friendly attitude of the young students, \"said captain reeprakash, a public relations official.
\"A pilot project is already in progress and lights from some agencies have been replaced by LED lights,\" he said . \".
NDA has nearly 3,100 street lamps, mainly sodium or Mercury Steam lamps from 75 W to 250 W.
Among them, 30 street lamps were replaced by 28 street lamps
Experiment based on watt LED lights.
Earlier, 30 lamps for consumption of 7,500 watts (
30x250 W = 7,500 W)
, Then the new light only consumes 840 watts (
30x28 w = 840 w)
As a result, it can save nearly 5 kWh of power or 55 units per day.
The institute plans to replace all street lights with LED lights, which will reduce power consumption by 5,500 units per day.
\"The brightness of the LED light is eight times that of the incandescent lamp, and there is no harmful emission to the environment.
High-power LED lights are extremely efficient, saving 50 to 80 cents over conventional sodium or mercury lamps, \"said a. S bhonile, Deputy Air Force Marshal, deputy commander of NDA.
According to NDA officials, LED lights work an average of 10 hours a day and have a service life of up to 13 years or 50,000 hours.
Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights are not fragile.
Other benefits include a unique color index that provides bright colors in the dark.
These light sources do not produce glare common to traditional street lamps, thus reducing visual fatigue for drivers and pedestrians.
When the LED light works at low and low temperatures, the brightness associated with the traditional street light does not decrease or turn yellow.
Unlike sodium lamps, these do not require time to reach the optimal level of brightness.
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