le’s ilux smart flood lights let you create colorful scenes inside your home or even outside

by:IPON LED     2020-06-24
If you\'re looking for a truly unique smart lighting solution at home or outside, we \'ve found a fantastic new option.
LE iLUX smart LED floodlights are compact enough to be placed anywhere but bright enough to produce some serious chin
Lighting scene.
They also have a level of dust-and water-
Resistance levels, so you can install them outside to create stunning landscape lighting, and just change the color by pressing the button in the attached app.
You can install up to 50 at home and around, and you can also create groups in the app so that you can control the brightness and color of the entire area at the same time.
LE iLUX smart LED floodlight, outdoor 10w RGB Bluetooth floodlight, waterproof grade 65, smart Ph: $22.
99LE iLUX Smart LED flood light, 10w RGB waterproof dimmable LED light, Bluetooth smartphone or . . . . . . : $59.
99 here are the key details of the product page: BGR top deals: See the original version of this article on BGR.
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