How to Test a Wall Switch

by:IPON LED     2020-06-06
Cheap equipment and a little patience and logic are needed to test wall switches.With a pair of testers, you can get an idea of what\'s going on with the wall switch in terms of live wires and grounding.As long as you are careful, the test wall switch fits perfectly with the typical do-it-yourselfer.Turn off the circuit breaker that controls the wall switch you plan to test.Ideally, the circuit breaker found in the electrical panel is marked by room.If not, please turn off the circuit breaker at once, then turn on the light from room to room and test the socket with the light.Label each circuit breaker, either on the paper guide on the inside of the panel door, or with the magnetic label on the suit.Test your non-Contact Voltage tester, similar to a fat marker with a tip, by keeping it near the inserted line of light or an open bulb.Check the continuous mode of chirchir and flash, indicating that the tester is working properly and the battery is not damaged.Remove the switch cover by unscrewing the two small screws of the switch cover to test whether it is safe to continue replacing or reconnecting the wall switch.Keep the tester within half an inch of the Screw terminal.If the tester remains quiet, unscrew the long screw on the top and bottom of the switch and fix it on the switch box.Pull out the switch and test all the other wires in the box, not all wires can be screwed to the switch terminals.Use two-test the ground wire in the wall switchThe lead circuit tester, which has a red and a black lead, touches the black body with a small lamp.Keep the breaker off for this test.Screw down two switch wires from their terminals or pull them out of their push --In the hole or behindwire clamps.Separate the bare end of the wire.Flip the hot wire found on the switchContact Voltage tester.Touch the hot wire with a red lead, be careful not to let the hot wire touch any part of your body.Touch the neutral wire with a black lead;If the circuit tester is on, the circuit will work.Touch the hot wire and ground wire next to it with the lead;Again, you are looking for a tester that can be lit to indicate a good grounding circuit.
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