How to Set the Dip Switch on a Ceiling Fan

by:IPON LED     2020-06-04
Clicking the ceiling fan remote repeatedly is not the right way to solve the Operation problem.A fan that randomly turns off or changes the speed may have a setup problem.The dip switch setting of the fan must be arranged in the correct order in order to receive and transmit the function selected by the remote control.Placing more than one fan nearby also affects the performance of the fan.You can enjoy the cooling effect of ceiling fan without continuous rope pulling.Some adjustments to the dip switch may vary.Remove the back from the remote control and remove the battery.Find and remove the small panel covering the dip switch.Check and remember the four switch settings.Please note which switches are on and off \".\"Turn off the fan and the ceiling fan at the main power supply.Flip the circuit breaker of the control fan to the \"off\" position.Stand on a ladder or a sturdy chair and touch the ceiling fan.Remove the glass lamp cover by unscrewing the screw or sliding the globe to the unlock position.Skip this step if your ceiling fan does not have a lighting kit.Instead, remove the lid at the center of the fan.Find a small rectangle or square.Receiver box in shape.Remove the receiver box cover and check the dip switch settings.You will see four sliding buttons.The button configuration must match the configuration of the remote control.If necessary, change the dip switch settings and move each of the four switches to the matching on or off settings.Change the dip switch settings for other fans near other fans.Different frequencies are required for each fan-Features controlled by settings configuration.Pair the dip switch between the fan and the remote control that controls them.Close the ceiling fan receiver panel.Replace the light ball and screw it in place.Remove the ladder and turn on the power.Test the remote control to verify that the settings you selected are correct.Ladder or chairThe head screwdriver makes it easier to verify the dip switch settings before installing the fan on the ceiling.Ceiling fans run best in factory settings.If the light or fan cannot work after adjusting the dip switch, you will have a different problem.For more trouble shooting options, please contact the manufacturer.
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