how to remove a wall switchbox

by:IPON LED     2020-06-08
The switch box is a hollow metal frame, located inside the wall behind the light switch, used to fix the wires of the switch.
If you no longer use the light switch, you can remove it from the wall along with the switch box below.
This process can only be done with basic tools, but you must be careful when using electricity.
Go to the main fuse box at home and turn off all the power in the room where you are removing the switch box.
Position the screw or screw on the outer surface of the light switch.
Turn the screw counter-clockwise with a screwdriver and unplug the light switch cover from the wall.
Look at the top and bottom of the light switch assembly on the wall and find the other two screws.
Turn them counter-clockwise with a screwdriver to take them out.
Gently pull the light switch assembly out of the wall so you can see the wires on the back.
Find the screw that holds the black wire to the switch and loosen it with a screwdriver.
The screws did not come down all the way.
Pull the black wire off the light switch assembly.
Repeat the program to release another screw on the assembly and remove the white line.
Pull the light switch assembly out of the wall and put it aside.
Insert the thin hacksaw blade between the drywall and the side of the metal switch box.
Saw down the side of the box to pass through the nail or the screw that fixed the nail.
Repeat the process on each side of the switch box to pass through other screws or nails.
Grab the metal box with your fingers or pliers and pull it out of the wall.
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