how to program a ge universal remote control using …

by:IPON LED     2020-06-27
Manual operation since GE offers many different types of universal remote controls, you can have a large, slender one that can even be turned on and off like a phone.
Fortunately, the programming steps for almost every model of universal remote control are the same.
When you program the GE universal remote control, you should program for one device at a time.
Follow the steps to complete, record the GE remote for your TV, then go back and record the universal remote for your DVD player, and more.
First, open the first device manually.
Press and hold the settings or code search button on the GE remote control (
The button names of different remote models will be different. )
Once the indicator light of the universal remote is on, release the button.
Press the button of the device for which you want to program the universal remote control (
Such as TV or cable TV. )
Press and hold this button until the indicator light of the universal remote is flashing and then stay lit.
Enter the code of the device using the digital button on the GE remote control.
Once you have finished typing the code, the indicator light on the universal remote should be turned off.
Point the universal remote control to your programmed device and press the power button.
If the device is not turned off, the GE remote control is not programmed to use it.
Repeat these steps using the next code number in the list that matches your device.
If your device name is not listed in the GE generic remote code list, or if there is no code to program a remote program, try programming it using the code search feature.
Use the basics of code search to make sure that the device for which the remote control is to be programmed is turned on, and there are good working batteries in the GE universal remote control.
Weak batteries may prevent the universal remote control from being programmed.
Press and hold the \"Settings\" or \"Code Search\" button.
Similarly, the button names will vary between GE Universal remote models.
Once the indicator lights up, you can stop pressing the button.
Press the button with the name of the device for which you want to program the GE Universal Remote Control (
Such as TV or DVD)
And released immediately.
The indicator should Flash once or twice and then stay lit.
The final step to programming the GE remote control using the code search function now all you have to do is point the GE universal remote control to the device of your choice, press the power button and release it.
The problem is that if the device is not turned off, you have to wait for at least two seconds and try again.
GE universal remote control will try to write the correct code for the device, loop through all its built-in codein codes.
This could take 250 attempts.
When the universal remote control (finally)
Capture the correct code and program and the device will power off.
Once this happens, press the Enter or Save button on the GE remote to complete the programming process.
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