How to Indicate a Light Switch on an Architectural Floor Plan

by:IPON LED     2020-06-08
The building blueprint uses a set of standardized symbols to represent all the structural and electrical elements in the room.These symbols are like professional codes that anyone in the construction industry can read.If you are drawing your own blueprint for a new house or renovation, understanding these codes can help you communicate effectively with the contractor.Depending on the function of the circuit, the symbol of the light switch changes slightly, so figure out what you want before you start drafting the plan.Measure the distance from the nearest corner of the room to where you plan to place the switch.Then convert the distance to the scale of the blueprint.For example, if you want the switch to be 4 feet off the corner, the blueprint represents each foot with 1/4 and gets 1 with 4 times 1/4.Then measure 1 inch from the corner on the blueprint and find the room corresponding to 4 feet.Draw a letter \"S\" where you want the switch \".Draw a horizontal line through \"S.\"This symbol should look like a dollar symbol that rotates 90 degrees to the right.This is the basic mark indicating the light switch.Add a small \"3\" in the top right corner of the symbol, just like you are cutting it to represent a three-way switch.When you have two different light switches to control the same light fixture, such as the switch at the front door and the switch at the back door, both of which control the ceiling light in the room, these two switches are called three-way switches.Draw the second threeYou can also switch on the blueprint to complete the circuit.Add a small \"4\" in the upper right corner of the symbol, just like you raise it to the fourth power to represent a four-way switch.When you have three different switches that control a fixture, they are called four-way switches.Draw all three switches on the blueprint.Print the number \"2\" in the upper right corner of the symbol, indicating the double bar switch.The two-bar switch routes two separate circuits at the same time.If you are not sure if a double lever switch is needed, please talk to your electrician.If the switch includes a dimmer, write the letter \"DM\" in the upper right corner of the symbol \".If it\'s two, three.way or four-Switch the way, write the number first, and then add the letter next to it.
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