How to Fix Ceiling Fan Lights That Don\'t Work

by:IPON LED     2020-06-05
When your fan lights stop working, the answer to why they stop working is not always as simple as burned downout light bulb.The heat generated by electricity can expand and shrink the wires.This can cause loose wire connections anywhere from wall switches to lighting kits.The damaged lamp holder and the broken chain switch will also cause the lamp of the fan to stop working.Check several connections and make several repairs to get your fan lights working again.Flip the circuit breaker to the Circuit of the ceiling fan.Remove the bulb from the fan lamp seat.Check if the bulb has a broken filament.Put the non-contact voltage tester in the lamp holder.The voltage tester lights up if power is detected.Plug the bulb socket cleaning brush into the ceiling fan socket to remove any corrosion on the side of the socket.Wipe the inside of the socket with a soft cloth.Insert a small slotted screwdriver under the metal label inside the socket.Pry the label up a little.Replace the bulb with a ceiling fan lamp holder.Re-open the circuit breaker to power the ceiling fan.If there are two switches that control the light and the fan separately, turn on the switch leading to the fan light.Lean the non-contact voltage tester against the light switch.The voltage tester lights up if power is detected.If the tester is not on, turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the ceiling fan on the main electrical panel.Remove the screw that holds the switch cover plate to the ceiling fan and the electric light switch.Remove the screws on the top and bottom of the ceiling fan light switch.Carefully pull the switch from the box on the wall.Look for two black wires attached to the side of the light switch.Make sure these wires are fixed under the screws on the side of the switch.If the screw is loose, please replace the black line under the screw.Tighten the switch screw on the side of the switch.Trace the black wires attached to the ceiling fan light switch back to the electric box.Look for wire connectors that can connect the black wire from the switch to another black wire.Tighten the connector to make sure the wires are connected.Replace the switch in the electric box.Replace the lid on the switch.Circuit breaker to open ceiling fan.Flip the circuit breaker to the Circuit of the ceiling fan.Remove the screws from the canopy at the top of the ceiling fan.The canopy rests against the ceiling, covering wires, electric boxes and hanging brackets.Lower the canopy and let it lean against the ceiling fan motor.Align the non-contact voltage tester to each wire in the electric box.The tester will not light up if you turn off the correct circuit breaker.Check the connector from the ceiling fan to the electric box wire.Rotate each one clockwise to make sure they are tight.Replace the canopy.Circuit breaker to open ceiling fan.Close the ceiling fan circuit breaker.Remove the screws that secure the fan lamp kit to the ceiling fan.The screw is located at the bottom edge of the switch housing directly below the fan blade.Drop the light kit from the housing.Check the wire connection inside the housing.Tighten any loose connection and replace the light kit.Flip the circuit breaker back to the ceiling fan.Close the ceiling fan circuit breaker inside the circuit breaker panel.Remove the screws that hold the lamp set on the ceiling fan.Pull the kit out of the switch housing to access the wire connector.Loosen the connector on the two wires connecting the lighting kit and the ceiling fan.Pull the wire open to release the light set and move it to the working surface.Look for two black wires from the zipper light switch.One wire is connected to the ceiling fan and the other to the electric outlet.Loosen the connector that holds the remaining switch wires to the fan lamp socket.Twist the nut that pulls the chain switch to the lamp set.The chain on the switch goes through the NUT and the nut is located on the outside of the lamp kit.Pull out the old switch from the kit and insert the replacement zipper switch in the kit.Fix the new switch with the nut you removed from the original switch on the lamp set.Match a black wire on the switch with the wire on the socket.Connect to two wires with the wire connector removed from the original zipper light switch.Install the fixture back to the ceiling fan by reversing the steps used to remove the fixture.Open the circuit breaker.
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