How to Cut Holes for Light Switches in Ceramic Tile

by:IPON LED     2020-06-07
The walls on the kitchen or bathroom countertops usually include one or two sockets and a switch that operates garbage disposal or lamps.It takes a few straight cuts to install the tile on the bathroom or kitchen wall to fit the tile on the wall, but when you get to the light switch, you need to cut the tile to fit it.Depending on the size of the tile, you may only need to cut the gap from the edge of the tile to fit the switch, or it may need to cut a hole from the center of the tile.Place the tiles against the wall in the light switch position.Use a pencil to track the line around the cutting tile to install the electrical switch box on the wall.Measure the lines you mark on the front of the tile.Use these measurements to transfer the cutting line to the back of the tile.Install a diamond cutting wheel or tile cutting drill in a rotary tool.Use the rotate tool to cut along the lines you draw on the back of the tile.Alternatively, you can use a hard alloy rod saw installed in a standard steel saw frame for cutting.Smooth the edges of the cut with a circular file if needed.If applicable, repeat the remaining tiles around the opening of the wall power-on light switch.Measure the position and shape of the wall opening of the light switch, and if there is a tile around the light switch, transfer the measurement to the back of the tile.Track the shape of the turned on light switch to the back of the tile.Install the tile cutting drill bit in the rotary tool.Drill a hole in the back of the tile in each corner of the tracked shape.Replace the tile cutting drill with a diamond cutting wheel and cut between holes according to the tracked cutting line.Alternatively, you can use a carbide rod saw and a standard steel saw frame to make a straight cut between holes: insert one end of the rod saw blade into one of the holes, the two ends of the saw blade are then fixed on the steel saw frame.Complete the cut, then release one end of the blade from the saw Holder and slide the blade out of the cut.Smooth any rough edges along the cut with a circular file.
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