how to convert a pull string light to a wall switch

by:IPON LED     2020-06-02
Finding a lanyard to turn on the lights in a dark room is usually a challenge.
Don\'t know what you\'ll run into before lighting up.
The zipper switch is usually worn out long before the fixture.
Whether the lanyard stops working or you\'re tired of swinging around in the dark, the lights can be converted to operate from wall switches.
Install a simpleto-
Find the light switch and operate the ceiling light in years of reliable service.
Select the position on the wall for the switch.
Run a stud finder from that location to the ceiling to make sure there are no obstacles behind the wall blocking the cable from reaching this location.
Turn off the power supply of the entire house by turning off the \"main\" switch in the circuit breaker panel.
Leave a warning sign or lock the breaker box to make sure the power remains off until you are done.
Draw a pencil mark around the paper wall pattern provided with the wall box, or reshape the rear rectangular outline of the wall box.
Go through the drywall with a drywall saw along the lines.
Place the end of 2/12 ROMEX®There are 12 inch extra cables near the ceiling light in the attic for connection.
Follow the raf sub to cover the cable from the light to the wall that will hold the switch.
Connect the other end of ROMEX®Fix it on the hook with tape and fix it with tape.
Push the fish belt down from the ceiling to the newly cut opening in the drywall.
Push the cable 18 inch through the opening.
Plastic coat through ROMEX®Do an 8-vertical tool with a tool knife-
The inch seam at the end of the attic, the end of the wall opening.
Cut off the slit part of the jacket to release the 8 inch inner wire.
Peel off the insulated wire with a cutting line blade and expose 1/2 of the bare wire at each end.
Peel off the end of the wire in the attic near the light and wall switch positions.
Wrap 1 1/2 black tape around ROMEX\'s white line®At both ends behind the bare wire.
Send the wire at the end of the light switch through the cable hole in the wall box.
Depending on the manufacturer of the wall box, push the hold clamp on the wall box back, or push inward.
When you insert the box into the hole on the wall, hold the clip.
The clips will bounce back into place, creating pressure between themselves and the wall box outer frame before cutting the opening.
Tighten the clamping screws to form a strong grip on the dry wall and secure the wall box.
Connect black line from ROMEX®To one terminal on the switch, the white line wrapped with black tape rotates the bare wire around the wound terminal screw clockwise to the other terminal.
Tighten the terminal screw with a cross screwdriver.
Connect bare copper ground wire from ROMEX®Screw to the ground terminal screw at the back of the wall box.
Unscrew the mounting screws that hold the fixture to the ceiling.
Screw the terminals on the lamp holder with black lines.
Wrap the bare wire on the removed black wire around the bare wire in black rotex®Wires in the Attic
Wrap the wire nut around the exposed wire by turning clockwise and cover the connection with the wire nut.
Connecting white ROMEX®The wire marked with black tape is attached to the terminal on the lamp socket where the black wire was previously held.
Cut the bare copper or green ground wire about 8 inch from where it is connected to the lamp.
If the wire is wrapped in green insulation, peel off the insulation of 1/2 at the two new cutting ends of the wire.
Wrap the two wires around ROMEX\'s bare copper ground wire®Cover the connection with wire nut.
Check all wire connections to ensure each color-
The coded wire is connected to the correct terminal.
Replace the ceiling lamp and tighten the fixing screw.
Place the light switch inside the wall box and tighten the mounting screws with a cross screwdriver.
Place the cover plate on the switch and fix it with the fixing screw.
Tighten these screws with a slotted screwdriver.
Restore the power and operate the light with the new switch.
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