how to choose the right dimmer for dimmable led lights

by:IPON LED     2020-06-20
The increasing popularity of LED lighting enables us to enjoy more energy-efficient lighting with higher luminous flux and lower heating.Dimming led can improve the work efficiency of employees and enhance the experience of catering personnel in the hotel environment.A dimmable LED light is required before dimming the LED.Not all LED lights can be darkened.Be sure to ask this question before buying LED lights.If the answer is yes, be sure to ask which dimmer to use.Some LED lights can be dim with standard incandescent light dimmers.Others require a magnetic low-voltage dimmer.There are also people who need an electronic Low Voltage Dimmer for fluorescent ballasts, even a dimmer (using a 0-10 v dimming system ).What type of LED product do you use-LED lights or LED fixtures?Edison LED lights-Base socket for replacement of standard incandescent lamps or screwsin CFL bulbs.The base of these lights has an overall drive that determines whether they are dimmable or not.From The cove light to the downlight, the LED light fixture may vary and there will usually be an external drive.Some fixture manufacturers offer different drive options on the same fixture to support different control technologies or applications (such as dimmable.non-dimmable).You can even specify the best drive from another manufacturer that includes the desired feature set.Check with the driver or fixture manufacturer to make sure you have selected the right product-The driver can dim the light of the led from 100% to 1%, providing smooth continuous dimming for constant lightCurrent and constantVoltage source.The long-If the driver is not designed for the same length of life, the life benefit of the led will be reduced.The load capability of the LED dimmer it is important to understand how the LED load affects the reliability of the dimmer.In fact, the dimmer overload is a common problem in the operation of the LED system.The rated load of all dimmers (in volts, amps and/or watts) shall not exceed.This is not as simple as dividing the 600 W dimmer rating by the 15 w led light of your choice to determine that 40 lamps can be used on the circuit.It\'s easy to meet 25-The minimum load requirement for incandescent lamps is 40 w, but for led, the dimmer may require four or more bulbs to meet the minimum load required.Moreover, because the electrical properties of the LED load are different from the incandescent load, even if the minimum wattage load is met, it may not be possible to ensure that the dimmer works properly.What are the control systems that can choose from multiple controls--From a single switch or dimmer to a centralized lighting control system--Provide maximum flexibility, as well as measurement and reporting tools to help you effectively analyze the energy savings achieved by lighting and control installations.Easy-to-Installation of wireless controls helps with simple modifications, reduces installation and programming costs, and increases return on investment (ROI ).Regardless of which control system you choose, it is critical to work with manufacturers that can guarantee compatibility and performance, eliminating many of the problems that are common in LED installation.From high voltage (traditional phase control or reverse phase control) to low voltage (0-10 V, DMX, DALI), and even some new entries for wireless connection are embedded in the lamp/light fixture.Which one works best for your app and led?While there have been a wide variety of control technologies available over the years, the popularity of LED lighting has LED many applications to deviate from typical control options for standard incandescent loads.In addition, the inherent controllable nature of the led makes it possible for more applications to contain controls.Therefore, be educated about the types of control technologies available, such as 0-10 V, forward or reverse stages, or other stages, will be necessary to ensure that the controls are correctly paired with fixtures that support the technology.
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