How to Add an Extra Wall Switch

by:IPON LED     2020-06-03
Install the second light switch so that you can control the light from both positions, a project that almost anyone can successfully complete.The wiring is relatively straight and converted into a single-Switch circuit to 3-Street lamp switch circuit.The most difficult part of the conversion is to connect the new cable to the position where the second switch is located.Perhaps the easiest way to run the new cable is to run in the channel behind the base plate in the room.Turn off the circuit breaker to the electric circuit you will be working on.Confirm that you have brought all the power.Contact Voltage tester near switch plate cover.There may be more than one circuit through the switch box, so you may have to turn off more than one circuit breaker.Remove the substrate along the wall to install the cable.Use a tool knife to cut paint beads between the base plate and the wall.Use the stud finder to find and mark the position of the wall post.Gently tap the curved end of the flat pry bar between the base plate and the wall of the bolt position.Place the waste plywood between the crowbar and the wall, gently pry the substrate away from the wall and work slowly along its full length.Don\'t move it more than 3/8 inches at a time.Contour and cutting 2-Remove the inch wide channel in the wall panel after the substrate, place the channel profile between the floor line and the top of the substrate.Drill holes in every corner of the profile and remove them with a jigsaw or key hole saw.Cut 1-inch wide by 1-Use a saw and a wood cut to leave an inch deep gap on each wall nail.Remove the cover plate from the existing light switch.Remove two #6-Fix the switch to 32 screws in the box.Unplug the switch from the box, release the terminal screws, and slide the circuit wires out of the bottom.Separate the wires so they don\'t touch and reopen the circuit breaker for the time being.Use the non-Contact Voltage tester for determining which set of wires from the service panel.Make a note of their position and close the circuit breaker again.Mark the position where you want to install the second switch.Use the stud finder to make sure you don\'t drill and cut the wall stud.Draw an outline around one of the oldWork box, then remove the cut with drill bit and saw.Use the mini hacksaw to remove the original switch box from the wall and fix it on the DingTalk through the DingTalk.Pull the box out of the wallRemove two cables from the box and mark the cable from the service panel with a piece of tape.Install a piece of 12/3 with ground Romex between the original switch positions, place it in the gap you make on the bolt, run through the wall to the second switch position.Cut this cable long enough to extend 12 inch from the wall opening.Cover the gap with a steel nail plate and replace the bottom plate.Install the ends of two original and new cables into an old oneWork boxes until they reach out 6 to 8 inch from the front of the box.Push the box into the wall opening and secure it in place by rotating the mounting wing screws clockwise.Install the other end of the cable into the second box and fix that box to the wall in the same way.Remove the outer sheath from each end of the cable with the Cable Ripper, and remove 3/4 of the insulation from the ends of the red, white and black wires with the stripping machine.By holding the two original cables side by side and screwing the wire nuts, the white wires on the two original cables are connected together.Re-By wrapping the white insulation material in the new cable with black tape, the white wire in the new cable is recognized as a current carrying conductor.This is a code requirement.End of reconnectIdentify the wire of the black line from the light with the wire nut.3-before installation-way switch.Connect the black wire from the service panel to the black screw on the switch.Connect the red and black wires in the new cable to the brass screws on the switch.Connect thee bare copper cable to 6-Inch length of bare copper wire with wire nut and connect the free end to the green screw on the switch.Fix the switch in the box.Install the second 3-Switch in a similar way, connect re-White lines are identified on black screws.Install the switch board cover and open the circuit breaker.
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