how many led downlights do i need to install for a great lighting?

by:IPON LED     2020-06-21
If you want to highlight objects or specific points in the room, you can use only one downlight, but you need to use many downlights when you want to fully illuminate the room.
The question is to evaluate how much you need!
There is no direct answer to this question.
It depends on the size of the room and the activities carried out inside.
For example, you need more lighting in the kitchen, just like you cook there, but you may not like how much light there is in the living room, here, you may want to create a relaxed atmosphere.
Moreover, this is also a matter of personal taste and joy.
When you want to have ambient lighting, taking into account the general outline of the room, you should make sure to place your downlights evenly to get a grid like a profile.
To avoid creating shadows, you should focus on the uniform distribution of light.
Before you start the installation, you must find the support beam on the ceiling of the room.
Once you are done, you can continue to mark the position where the accessories will be fixed.
Maintain a distance of about 8 centimeters from the wall to prevent excessive light from hitting the wall, which may produce unwanted washing effects.
Depending on the location and design of the furniture in the room, you may have to increase this distance.
For example, cabinets hanging on the walls of the kitchen block the light and create unnecessary shadows.
The gap between the two downlights depends on the size of the accessory.
The space around the accessory with a diameter of 4 inch should be close to 4 feet.
Similarly, accessories with a diameter of 5 inch should have 5 feet free space.
You will understand that reducing the space between any two lamps will increase the intensity of light in your room, and increasing this gap you can produce a softening effect.
When additional accessories are included, you can usually make up for the brightness drop brought by the smaller downlights.
Otherwise, you can use the dimmer switch to easily increase or decrease the intensity of the light emitted by the LED downlight.
However, when you want to control your lighting with a dimmer, you should use the low-load rear edge dimmer switch.
Besides having a whole
To create an atmosphere, you can also use LED downlights to highlight any specific area of any room.
For best results, please use eye-
Ball downlight also known as gimbals.
You must define the area in the room that you want to highlight and arrange your fixtures accordingly.
For example, when there is a lot of wall art on one wall of the room, it is appropriate to bring your downlight close to the wall that contains the exhibits you want to highlight.
When you want to have a strong light on any area, you should try to combine your accessories together in that area.
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