how does a wireless led controller work

by:IPON LED     2020-04-22
Traditional lighting such as incandescent lamps and halogen lamps are gradually eliminated and gradually replaced by high-efficiency LED lighting.We need new controller and dimmer suitable for LED, wireless LED controller is very popular.Wireless LED controllers on the market generally use IR or RF control signals, and we will take RF as an example.
The entire system should include a remote control that sends an RF signal and a 12-36VDC input and built-in-RF modules that receive and decode RF signals.The receiver is equipped with a constant current or a constant voltage output to a wire with different types of LED lighting.It decodes the RF signal and outputs the PWM signal to dim the wired light.
The remote control and receiver should be paired with the key on the receiver, which is very easy.The wireless led controller has rich functions such as brightness adjustment, switch on/off, RGB tone adjustment, dynamic change mode and multi-region synchronous control.It provides smooth dimming from 0.1%-The 100% does not have any flash and accurate and fast RGB tone adjustment.
The brightness of each R, G, B, W channel can be adjusted separately.Millions of colors can be achieved.Built-in Dynamic color changing pattern-In vivid lighting effects.In addition, a wireless led controller can simultaneously or separately control multiple areas such as the living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom.
The remote control has different styles such as button keys, full touch, rotation control, and buttons.The remote control with a button key is designed with a key marked with a function icon, such as a brightness tone Key, an opening key, a tone adjustment Key, a pattern tone key, etc. very user-Friendly and convenient operation.
Full touch control is the latest innovation of the RGB touch color wheel, which provides smooth, fast and accurate tone adjustment.In addition, these features are also marked with icons to indicate dimming, switches, shades, changing patterns, etc. The difference is that they have full touch control and can be held or wall mounted.
The rotary dimmer and the button dimmer are as functional as the switch.The receiver is designed with a constant current or a constant voltage output to match different types of LED lighting.Wired monochrome LED lights, rgb led lighting, or rgb w led lighting can provide either 1-channel or 4-channel outputs.
Wiring and operation is very easy after wiring
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