dmx led controller enables intelligent lighting control for building automation

by:IPON LED     2020-05-08
The dmx led controller is a digital addressable system that is the perfect solution for building intelligent lighting control.
In the DMX system, there is max.
It can control 512 addresses of up to 512 LED lights separately, and each LED light has its own address.
DMX system is an intelligent lighting control system for complex lighting design and large area layout.
It is able to control all lighting equipment in the building individually with only one main controller.
The main controller transmits the DMX signal to the slave controller (
Lighting Equipment).
Receive and convert from the device to a PWM signal to control the connected LED light.
The dmx led controller is a slave controller that controls LED lighting, which can control not only monochrome, but also CCT and RGB lighting.
Through the main controller, it can realize light intensity, color temperature and RGB color adjustment.
For RGB lighting, each R, G, B channel has 0-
The gray scale of 255 can reach millions of colors.
The maximum signal transmission distance from the main equipment to the equipment can reach 500 m, which means that the signal can reach any corner of the building.
The main controller also supports different color sequences to create stunning lighting effects.
Depending on the lamp to be connected, there are multiple types of dmx led controllers.
Depending on the input type of the LED light, you should choose a suitable one for your LED light.
The AC version is designed for AC input LED lights, the DC version is designed for DC input LED, and the output type of the DC version is available at constant current and constant voltage.
For the DC version, the AC to DC power supply is required to power the controller.
The dmx led controller is not only suitable for large lighting projects, but also for residential lighting, creating different moods for different environments.
There are many styles of master controllers on the market, for example, the keyboard style is a traditional master controller with many DMX channel outputs to control each light of the building.
Easy-to-use styles such as rotary switches and full touch screens with simple interfaces can be used for home lighting control.
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