dimmable led driver with rf remote control

by:IPON LED     2020-04-24
Dimmable LED driver is the driver that converts the AC input of the dc led light to the DC output.In addition, it has a dimming input interface and an output interface.RF wireless, DALI, DMX, 0/1-10V and Triac.
The output interface is PWM.
The DC output has two kinds of constant current and constant voltage.The constant current driver outputs a fixed DC current and a variable voltage range, suitable for LED downlights with constant current inputs, LED panels, and LED wall washers.The constant voltage driver outputs a fixed DC voltage and a variable current range, suitable for LED strips and LED bands with constant voltage inputs.
Select the appropriate driver according to the input type of the LED light.The dimming input interface is a control signal sent to the drive by the control unit.The most common signal is 0/1-10 v and low cost resistance widely used.
Currently, smart solutions including DALI, DMX and RF Wireless are emerging.DALI and DMX have the advantage of long transmission distance and are suitable for large lighting projects.RF is a more suitable wireless interface for smart home lighting control.
Dimmable driver with RF input interface with built-in designIn the RF receiver that receives the signal from the transmitter.The RF interface has different radio frequencies and the transmitter and receiver must have the same frequency.You must choose the right one according to your country or region requirements.
The transmitter is the RF remote control that sends a signal to the drive.The corresponding dimmable driver has a monochrome, two-color, RGBW remote control.The driver sends the dimming output interface to the connected LED light.
The most popular is PWM dimming.
There are many important parameters to consider when selecting dimmable LED drivers.The first is the power factor, which is a parameter that defines the power that works useful.The second is efficiency, which defines the energy efficiency of drivers.
Both are the most important parameters.
The higher the power factor and efficiency of the driver, the better the driver.PWM frequency is another important frequency that determines whether the driver has flashing and buzzing when dimming.Normally, high frequencies cause no flashing noise, and low frequencies cause flickering but no noise.
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