dc motor speed controller

by:IPON LED     2020-06-28
Hello, what I want to introduce to you today is how to make a very simple DC motor speed controller.
The video is in the project of chris, my Youtube channel. The components of this project are: monthly computer IRF3205 potentiometer1 pc phonet1pc 100 k Ohm potentiometer knobsome wires1pc old store reputation card1pc DC motor1pc heatsink1pc skrew1pc monthly 9 v battery holder and a month 12 v battery.
Place the radiator on the mosfet and connect the mosfet and potentiometer to the credit card with skrewGlue. Connect the positive pole of the 9 v battery clip to the drain pin of the mosfet and the negative DC motor.
Connect the left pin of the potentiometer to the drain pin of the mosfet, the middle pin to the gate pin of the mosfet, and the monthly 9 v battery clip of the negative line of the foot.
Finally connect the source pin of the mosfet to another pin of the DC motor.
Now just plug in the 9 v battery and we\'re done.
If you connect everything correctly, if you turn the potentiometer counter-clockwise, the motor rotates faster, and if I turn the potentiometer counter-clockwise, the motor slows down.
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