How about the minimum order value for OBM products?
To increase order values, we prefer to define a minimum order value for OBM orders placed by customers. We are a professional manufacturer with years of experience in productions. Our continuous development is supported by various conditions, including the minimum order value for different product categories. It is regarded as a threshold to cooperate with us in terms of OBM service. Customers should understand it is quite important for us to have a profit from the OBM business and to maintain our status in the markets.

The IPOIPON General Electric Industry Co.Ltd. brand is primarily focused on the production of pwm led dimmer. IPON focuses on providing a variety of phase cut dimming for customers. The design of IPON led driver constant current turns out to be effective and compatible. A Perfect Device for Lighting Control. According to market data analysis, the product has unlimited potential. IPON - Power Up Lighting Systems.

our company General Electric Industry Co.Ltd. will maintain and carry forward the 'more innovative, more perfect' spirit of enterprise and enthusiastically serve the majority of users. Welcome to visit our factory!
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