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4ch 200~1600mA DMX512RDM CC Decoder IP707-PX

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4ch 200~1600mA DMX512/RDM CC Decoder

- Model: IP707-PX 

- Channels: 4 channels 

- Input Voltage: 12-50V DC IP707-PX 

- Output Voltage: 1-42VDC

- Output Current: 200 to 1600mA per channel

- Protection: Short-circuit protect,Over current protect, Over temp protect

4ch 200~1600mA DMX512/RDM Constant Current Decoder IP707-PX


1. Meet DMX512/1990, RDM/2009 international standard protocol

2. 4 output channels, output current 200 to 1600mA per channel

3. Can easily set DMX address by button

4. Can easily set output current each channel

5. With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1~4 colors

6. 256/65536 level brightness, full-color control

7. For customer setup and use easily, the default address code is 1

8. Address setting become brightness setting when DMX signal isnt connected

9. Suitable for buildings, hotels, KTV, home and other places

Technical Parameters


4 channels 

Input Voltage 

12-50V DC 

Output Voltage

1-42V DC 

Output Current

200 to 1600mA per channel 


Short-circuit protect,Over current protect, Over temp protect

Pack Size

135(L)×69(W)×36(H) mm




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